Energy Circle Sold Out

Unisex Healing Circle – Energy Work – Aftermath

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that came out to our wonderful Energy Workshop! The workshop has sold out and the room was full of wonderfully open people, embracing personal transformation, exploring their energy and deepening into connections with themselves and others. We have learned about the Energy System, centers, blockages and field configurations Experienced […]



“There is no healthier drug than creativity.” Nayyirah Waheed Agreed, creativity is an amazing force of nature 🙂 Comment: what was your last creative project! Did you know that creativity is part of your Energy Life Force and Sexuality? If we block off sexuality, we also block off other expressions of ourselves including feeling fully […]

Energy Play

Feel the Unseen Energy all around us

Feel the Unseen Energy all around us Imagine, we were not our bodies, but vibrational fields of various frequencies. Imagine there’s another dimension to our lives that is non physical, yet spiritual in nature. Imagine you could feel the Energy, learn more about it and use it for personal growth, to bring more miracles and […]

meditation energy

Meditation and Energy Protection Workshop

Private Meditation and Energy Protection Workshop went very well! We live in a sea of energy. Often, we just are not aware of energetic interactions that happen all around us… Think back to doing something you love – the sense of beautiful happy energy in your body and all around you? Your field most likely […]

ask me about

Ask Me About Appearance – 06/03/2018

” Ask me about…” one of a kind event for ladies I have been graciously invited to be a speaker at this one of a kind women’s gathering. This wonderful event helps dreamers, doers and achievers to authentically Connect, Inspire and Network with like minded ladies! I’m looking forward to sharing my passion of Energy Healing […]


Meditation and Energy Play workshop

“Participated in Meditation and Energy Play workshop. Very interesting experience I had. Felt the human energy field for the first time in my life 🙂 Evguenia is very welcoming person and very knowledgeable and patient teacher. For sure will be back and highly recommend it to everybody else.” O. E. I absolutely love the look […]

happy woman workshop leader

6 Workshops in One week

OMG! What an amazing week this was!! Three private sexy workshops with beautiful, sensual and open women! We learned about Squirting, G spots, BDSM and Tantra! We played with energy, experiences our own beautiful essences, learned lots of tips and tricks on how to spice up our sexual play. Another 3 workshops at three beautiful […]

Tantric Exploration

Tantric Exploration

Tantric Exploration and Optional Live Demo I came to learn of and like Tantra from an Energy Healing journey I’ve been on… A journey of learning about Energy Orgasms, Polyamory and BDSM… A bit unusual. However, I love what it stands for – the spiritual sexual energy movement. I see Tantra is an open playground that […]

kink party: venetian ball

Venetian Ball Appearance – 19/05/18

Appearance: Catch me at a wonderful Venetian Ball Event (May 19th) You can find me at this awesome kink party, happy to chat or answer any questions you may have about Spicy Spirituality, Energy Play, Magical world of Pleasure, Energy Healing, Tantra, BDSM and Meditation… The party is a Fabulous Night of Elegance and Kink […]

Sexual Guidance - Energy Play

Energy Play and Meditation Magic with Sensuality Exploration

Energy Play and Meditation Magic with Sensuality Exploration To me Energy and Sexuality are two intertwined phenomena. Please let me explain why. The Sexuality is our life force – if we block, deny or don’t accept it within ourselves, we create lots of energetic blocks in our system that gradually permeate into the slower vibrating […]