Energy Orgasm Explained

Energy Orgasm – Explained

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I’ve realized that many of you don’t know what Energy Orgasm is. To me, this is a pinnacle experience of multidimensional pleasure, profound depth, emotional high and intellectual explosion all at once! Could be combined with physical play, BDSM, Tantra or just enjoyed as pure spiritual experience. Falling into past lifetimes, feelings like a huge […]

Video Interview

Video Interview with Evguenia (aka Alice)

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Good day gorgeous! In this video interview ( by @seletedbusiness I’m answering some tough and deep questions about: My conservative Russian upbringing Importance of embracing your authenticity and sexuality Spiritually Sensual phenomenon of Energy Orgasms Quantum Physics and Energy Exchange we go through daily Whether Long distance healings even work 😉 Sexy workshops I offer […]

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Energy Orgasm – Erotica

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Energy Orgasm – Erotica Overwhelmed, elated, emotional… Is it really true? Could a strong connection like this exist? Such an amazing alignment… Energetically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. She finally manifested Him… so it must be true. Alice was stimulating his prostate… Pegging, then playing with his cock while touching this magical spot inside of him […]

Long Distance Energy Orgasm

Video: Long Distance Energy Orgasm (Kundalini rising)

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Video: Long Distance Energy Orgasm (Kundalini rising) Imagine this: Long Distance Energy Orgasm Kundalini movement experience captured on video! How is it possible you ask? Here’s the formula for success: An amazingly sensitive, open and receptive client + A few prior training sessions + Quantum Physics concept of Entanglement = Spicy Hot Video showing this […]

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Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms

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Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms I have been interested in the Energy Orgasm phenomenon for quite a few years. After all two of my most favourite topics of exploration in life are Spirituality and Sexuality! So Energy Orgasm to me is just like reaching the very top of mount Everest for a rock climber lol […]

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Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms Workshop – 9/03/18

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I have a confession to make… I’m in love! In love with the energy we’re able to generate together when we’re opening up to sensual energy within, to sensations beyond the typical confines of the materialistic realm of the five senses. I am in love with the energy of love that couples emanate during connective […]

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Sex with Dr. Jess Published my Article – Energetic Orgasms

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Thank you so much to amazing Jessica O’Reilly, Sex & Relationship Expert from Sex with dr. Jess for publishing my Blog Post on Energetic Orgasms. What do You Know About Energetic Orgasms I often get asked what do energetic orgasms feel like and how do you achieve one? My very first energetic orgasm was an ecstatic […]