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Openness, respect and acceptance

“I really appreciated the personality of the presenter, as well as her openness, respect and acceptance of others and knowledge that she shared.” A. G. Monthly Women’s Circle Come check out for yourself! All about orgasms workshop happening this very Sunday at 10.00am. xoxo

Own Your Plasure

Own Your Pleasure – Event Aftermath

My goodness! What an awesome event I participated in last night! Own Your Pleasure event organized by @mahdavimgt where I ran two workshops, welcomed women to indulge in and experience their sensuality, sexuality, spiritual and artistic sides. Each room at the @TheDarlingMansion was a gorgeous sensual psychedelic oasis.  It was my pleasure and an honor to […]

Energy Play

Feel the Unseen Energy all around us

Feel the Unseen Energy all around us Imagine, we were not our bodies, but vibrational fields of various frequencies. Imagine there’s another dimension to our lives that is non physical, yet spiritual in nature. Imagine you could feel the Energy, learn more about it and use it for personal growth, to bring more miracles and […]

Schedule November

Spiritually Sexy November Upcoming Events

Join me for Soulfully Wild upcoming events and add more pleasure, balance, love, clarity and spice into your lives! Workshops, Private Tours, Private sessions and more.

Meet Evguenia Spirit Sex Lab

Who is Evguenia from SpiritSexLab

In my quest to explain a bit better what Spirit Sex Lab is all about and who I am, here’s a short video on it. Questions? Thoughts? Please like, share and tag your friends to spread the word <3

October newsletter sexed, healing events

Newsletter – October: Healing Sexual events

Let’s continue with warm temperatures into October  – event if the weather doesn’t cooperate 🙂 Join me to keep the hearts warm with acceptance and love, keep our bodies spicy and pleasure-filled and our minds – playfully sharp! Did I mention a sparkling soulful essence? October Newsletter is up – contains all of that and […]

Video Interview

Video Interview with Evguenia (aka Alice)

Good day gorgeous! In this video interview (https://youtu.be/CofpVbLGZxc) by @seletedbusiness I’m answering some tough and deep questions about: My conservative Russian upbringing Importance of embracing your authenticity and sexuality Spiritually Sensual phenomenon of Energy Orgasms Quantum Physics and Energy Exchange we go through daily Whether Long distance healings even work 😉 Sexy workshops I offer […]

make you happy

Grab those things that make you happy

“Grab those things that make you happy.” Go towards what you love with strength. Imagine already having all of the wonderful experiences you’re striving towards and be grateful as those you already posses all of the happiness in the world. This seems to be direct path to manifesting all of the desires and needs. xoxo

Meditation: Inner Child

Connection: Self, Inner Child

Inner Child is the part of us that is rebellious, at times hurt, lost, unsure of oneself and is defensive. We all have these elements of frozen energy consciousness. Inner children react to past hurts and need to be loved and attended to. Please learn to identify your wounded children, learn what their needs are […]