FREE LimitLESS Intro – January 19

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Deep Healing, Self Confidence/Love, Dating, Relationship and Sexuality guidance
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Holiday, Anniversary, V-day Couple’s Booklet – Love is a Verb

So many could benefit from creating these booklets and gifting them to their loved ones! These could be used as a memorable holiday celebration present, special anniversary gifts as well as thoughtful V-Day reminders of how incredibly lucky couples are to be together. After all, love is a verb.

LimitLESS, Relationship Spice

Many of you would like to know how to keep our relationships spicy. What are some of the main realizations we’ve discussed with our LimitLESS tribe? It’s important to understand that we as humans have two opposing needs and it’s the ability to balance out these two needs that brings love and spice into the relationships

LimitLESS, Relationship Preferences

Do you have trouble finding the right people to date? Would you like to understand how to maintain deeper, more loving relationships while openly communicating your truth? Or are you interested to explore a sea of other options outside of a typical relationship root showcased by popular media?

Inner Peace, Pleasurable Activities

Do you notice feeling down and stressed? You might be asking yourself the following question: “How do I align with more pleasure in your life?” One of my close friends set an intention to embrace her emotional wellness and continuously raise her vibrations. I love this intention as negative thinking and stress affect our overall well-being multidimensionally. 

Inner Peace, Judgemental Inner Voice

Do you notice how you might be stopping yourself from achieving your goals and dreams? The single most useful practice I teach my clients is to recognize their inner judgemental voice also called a SuperEgo.

Inner Peace, Flying Birds Emotional Balance Technique

The following description suggests to approach this technique at home, I often like practicing it during a forest walk while having a conversation with myself out loud (apologies to innocent bystanders that might be wondering why I’m talking to myself :)). Here’s how you would do it, please try and let me know if it was useful.