heart chakra

Human Energy Field: Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra “I have a pacemaker. Had some heart issues, almost lost my life”, an older tall gentleman told me reminiscing with a sad smile. “My daughters are not in touch with me and I miss them terribly…” Heart chakra’s function is loving connection with others and compassion TIP: To open your heart chakra, visualize […]

sacral chakra

Human Energy Field: Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra “It’s like there’s a wall that I cannot penetrate”, a beautiful young woman murmured sadly pointing to her lower abdomen. “I have never been able to reach an orgasm or self-pleasure…” Located around the public bone, the sacral chakra holds our inner judgements, shame and guilt. All of the sexuality-related blocks stop our […]

root chakra

Human Energy Field: Root Chakra

Root Chakra I feel light-headed and anxious”, she said. This petite, middle aged woman did look “uprooted” and ungrounded. “Please visualize that you’re growing powerful roots right into the core of the Earth”, I suggested. With the help of guidance and energy therapy, she did feel stronger, safer and more present… Root chakra (or energy […]