Human Energy Field

Human Energy Field

Human Energy Field… Does it exist? Can we sense into it? According to Quantum fields theory, our universe is comprised of many infinitely-large vibrational fields that affect each other’s frequencies. Simply speaking, we live in a sea of energy. Human energy field (also called aura) is comprised of higher vibrational frequencies than the physical body, […]

Meet Evguenia Spirit Sex Lab

Who is Evguenia from SpiritSexLab

In my quest to explain a bit better what Spirit Sex Lab is all about and who I am, here’s a short video on it. Questions? Thoughts? Please like, share and tag your friends to spread the word <3

full spectrum healing

Full Spectrum Healing and Chakra Healing / Reading

Full Spectrum Healing and Chakra Healing / Reading Often times we go through life without paying much attention to our emotional, mental or spiritual balance until we start noticing that we’re not feeling 100% well physically. Many of us are quite stressed, busy and carry so many responsibilities in our lives that we hardly ever […]

energy streams

Energy Streams

“I have visited Evguenia’s energy session with she was healing my chakras and during this relaxing session I was feeling energy streams going through my body.” J. L. Just love it when it happens for the very first time – the look of amusement on someone’s face when they sense their own energy, divinity, powers […]


Meditation and Energy Play workshop

“Participated in Meditation and Energy Play workshop. Very interesting experience I had. Felt the human energy field for the first time in my life 🙂 Evguenia is very welcoming person and very knowledgeable and patient teacher. For sure will be back and highly recommend it to everybody else.” O. E. I absolutely love the look […]

energetic orgasm

Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms Workshop – 9/03/18

I have a confession to make… I’m in love! In love with the energy we’re able to generate together when we’re opening up to sensual energy within, to sensations beyond the typical confines of the materialistic realm of the five senses. I am in love with the energy of love that couples emanate during connective […]

throat chakra

Human Energy Field: Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra “I just Can’t seem to bring myself to tell him the truth. I’m afraid of what his reaction may be” a mother of two told me. “The feelings I often get is as if something is stuck inside my throat. At times it’s also hard to breathe…” Speaking one’s truth and receiving a […]

heart chakra

Human Energy Field: Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra “I have a pacemaker. Had some heart issues, almost lost my life”, an older tall gentleman told me reminiscing with a sad smile. “My daughters are not in touch with me and I miss them terribly…” Heart chakra’s function is loving connection with others and compassion TIP: To open your heart chakra, visualize […]

sacral chakra

Human Energy Field: Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra “It’s like there’s a wall that I cannot penetrate”, a beautiful young woman murmured sadly pointing to her lower abdomen. “I have never been able to reach an orgasm or self-pleasure…” Located around the public bone, the sacral chakra holds our inner judgements, shame and guilt. All of the sexuality-related blocks stop our […]