Astral Healing Story

Astral Healing Story A beautiful woman he her late thirties came to the session and we spoke of her childhood, how uncomfortable she felt in her own skin growing up. She mentioned that under the veneer of an established, confident and outspoken business woman, she’s still hiding insecurities that link back to her earlier experiences […]

Astral Healing

Astral Healing Some healings are more relaxing than others. At times, when multiple emotions, beliefs and negative thoughts go unprocessed and unseen they get stored on the energetic level and start blocking the healthy energy flow. These stagnated energy blocks sometimes are seen and described by clients themselves as bricks, walls and gaping holes… Charging […]

The smaller we feel…

“The smaller we feel in the world, the more we need to shine in the eyes of our partner.” ― Esther Perel

Relational Cord Healing

Relational Cord Healing “I broke up with him a while back and yet I can’t stop thinking about him. I feel as though as there’s something that is still keeping us together. There’s a pain in my chest and a pulling sensation in my solar plexus. How do I ever let him go emotionally?” Often […]

Energy Play

New workshop announcement!! Come one – come all! Connect with the Magic of energy healing and meditation, focus on relaxation and feel into the worlds that you thought never existed… Enjoy our cozy meditation circle: – Learn to meditate and relax – Sense into your energy centers and learn about chakras – Feel into energy […]


5. Cat Meditation {Catitation}   Hehe… Ever since I got a cat, I realized that a Cat Meditation might actually be one of the best mindfulness exercises I’ve come to know lol Take a purring cat Put a meditative music on Brush or pet your cat rhythmically while enjoying Nirvana Actually, pretty much any activity of your […]

Connection: Partner, Sexuality

Opening Sexual Chakra Some of us are affected by various sexual blocks that may include various negative emotions towards sexuality (shame, guilt, judgements). The limiting thought patterns and negative emotions create blockages in our energy fields that eventually permeate the lower vibrating fields of our system and present themselves as physical diseases connected to our […]

Connection: Partner, Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra Chest pain or tightness is something you may feel after a heart brake… Separation, letting go or people we love or unresolved arguments may lead to a heart center starting to close ff. Blocks may start developing depending on how you deal with the feelings of sadness and despair. Negative emotions eventually start […]