Past Life Story

Past Life Regression Story Sometimes, a life regression healing takes you on a ride to experience your previous reincarnations – you could be seeing a myriad of images that seem remotely familiar but have no connection to your current life. Sometimes, you may emotionally experience events without clearly seeing them. At times, you plunge into […]

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Do you believe in past lives? Reincarnation? If you do or are curious to learn more – this post is for you… According to multiple spiritual teachings, humans go through myriads of lives in order to master various skills/states of being, learn lessons, perfect themselves and pass their knowledge onto others. According […]

Relationship Cord Story

Cord Healing Story Remember the woman from the previous post? The one that couldn’t quite let go of her ex partner? She kept thinking about him and reminiscing over the great times they’ve had… There was much pain in her heart and a pulling sensation in her solar plexus… How many of us are left […]

Relational Cord Healing

Relational Cord Healing “I broke up with him a while back and yet I can’t stop thinking about him. I feel as though as there’s something that is still keeping us together. There’s a pain in my chest and a pulling sensation in my solar plexus. How do I ever let him go emotionally?” Often […]

Energy healing

Energy Healing As most of you know, I am an Energy Therapy Practitioner with vivid interest in human sexuality who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on healing program. I love helping others live happy and essence-filled lives… To give you a bit a preview into the magical world of Energy, please stay with me as […]