energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm: P2

Energy Orgasm Part Two (To read Part One of Energy Orgasm Story please Click Here) He starts to involuntarily move with the rhythmical passes of her hands. Shocked by the palpable sensations going through his body without her directly touching him, he gasps. The amplitude of his bodily movement increases with each pass of the […]

energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm: P1

Energy orgasms are amazing phenomena that could be achieved touch free as part of a healing session… Here’s Part one of an Energy Orgasm story experienced by one of my clients. To watch a Video on what an Energy Orgasm looks like – please Follow This Link. Energy Orgasm Sage scented slightly darkened room… Candle […]

Releasing Blocks

Releasing Blocks There are techniques that Tantra practitioners could use to help clients release blocks in their bodies. The less blockages one has – the better the energy flows and hence energetic orgasms happen! Having studied energy healing at the World’s renowned energy healing school of Barbara Brennan, I have quite a few tricks up […]

Energetic Blocks

Energetic Blocks Health equals energy exchange. We have multiple energy centers ((tag #spiritsexlab_chakras) that take in and expel energy of different frequencies to keep our field healthy and vibrant. Throughout our lifetime we tend to encounter difficult issues – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. When that happens, the energy associated with that given frequency starts to become […]

Energetic Exercises

Energetic Exercises To become even more in tune with higher vibrating energies around you, you can try a few energetic exercises that include energy play, breath work and energy movement visualizations. We can cover some of these in a private session together, I can help you feel into your energy field, tell you more about […]

Frame of Reference

Frame of Reference Continuing with our exploration of Energetic Orgasm phenomena, I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about one’s frame of reference. A lot in our lives depends on our belief systems and frame of reference we choose to judge the outside world by. For example, if it is my belief […]

Sensing Energy

Sensing Energy Have you ever sensed energy? At my workshops and sessions, I show simplest ways to feel into your own energy and that of the other. People have all sorts of reactions when they first are able to perceive the higher vibrating frequencies. I love watching their child-like joy or surprise. The first time […]


My fascination with energetic orgasms comes from the fact that two of the areas I’m most passionate about and which I’ve studied for years (energy healing and sexuality) come together as one! How cool is that!? Quantum field theory explains that our universe is comprised of many infinitely-large vibrational fields that affect each other’s frequencies. […]

His Orgasm Story

His Energetic orgasm What does a male’s energetic orgasm may look like? Let’s take a look: “Alice was stimulating his prostate… Pegging, then playing with his penis while touching this magical spot inside of him that gave Tracey so much pleasure. As he started coming, it felt like a supernova explosion. Strong convulsive waves moved […]