It was like bliss!

It was like bliss, Sarah said! Have you watched her video on Kundalini rising?
Please see

And let me know your thoughts xoxo

your hands pouring the sky

Hands pouring the sky

“Your hands pouring the sky all over my bed. What language is that.” Nayyirah Waheed Can you relate? Give me one/two words that describe a similar experience best. Tag your partners, like and share 😉 I’ll say HUMAN FOUNTAIN

energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm: P1

Energy orgasms are amazing phenomena that could be achieved touch free as part of a healing session… Here’s Part one of an Energy Orgasm story experienced by one of my clients. To watch a Video on what an Energy Orgasm looks like – please Follow This Link. Energy Orgasm Sage scented slightly darkened room… Candle […]