The door is wide open

” Why do you stay in prison. When the door is so wide open.” Rumi I often notice how I myself limit put limits on what I can and cannot achieve. The inner voice inside my head tells me I’m not good enough, can’t do something etc. We can change this by questioning this voice […]

stop acting so small

You are the universe in ecstatic motion

“Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi Just recently on FB forum I read a story of a woman who was feeling trapped and helpless. She has immigrated to Canada over a decade ago and ever since then has been feeling completely out of place. She feared that everyone around […]

Life shrinks of expands

I often notice my inner critic (SuperEgo) telling me “Who are you to shoot so high? Why do you think what you have to say will interest people?”. I notice and question. And then – let go. The more courageous we become in allowing ourselves to try new things, shoot for the stars, embrace the […]