Sex is the best exercise

Sex is the best exercise

“Sex is the best exercise!” Like if you agree and share with your loved ones 😉 Having sex is very beneficial to our health! Did you know that a Canadian study from 2013 has found the Sexual activity may be considered a Significant Exercise? Telegraph article on this subject writes “Men on average burn 120 […]

G spot Orgasm

Squirting & G-Spot Orgasms Workshop | Private Tour – 09/07/2018 – Aftermath

I was pumped! G-Spot materials binder – check! Private Tour handouts – check! Red lipstick – check! Imagine going into a sex club to meet a courageous and playful couple ready and open to learn new things and explore this Sensual Adult Playground! Then teaching in front of a full house about the Power House […]

Creative Use of Jealous

Creative use of Jealousy – Reader’s Tips

Jealousy affects many of us – while most of us experience it as a mild discomfort, others may be affected by strong surges of anger, fear, loss of control… Jealousy could even result in a crime of passion in some extreme situations… Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could turn jealousy around and make it […]

energy orgasm

Energetic Orgasm

“It was very interesting for us to explore energetic orgasm phenomenon! Evguenia is a real professional and very kind person to work with. Thank you so much for invitation.” P. H. Thank you very much! I feel honored to be teaching this work! Energy Orgasms are amazingly deep and profound experiences that may change your […]

I licked it so it's mine

I licked it

“I licked it so it’s mine.” 😉 ‘Nough said 🙂

shower together

Shower Together

“Save water, shower together.” TheClassyPeople I love showering together 😉 Do you? And saving water on top!! Yes! Please tag your friends, loved ones and share the joy!

Me. You. Bed. Now.

Me. You.

“Me. You. Bed. Now.” Raimonda B. Current Mood 🙂 Please like, tag & share with those you feel passionately about!

Sex Club Tour

Private Guided Sex Club Tour – 09/07/12018

Guided Sex Club Tour Have you always wanted to see what happens behind the closed doors of adult playground clubs but were to chicken to try ;)? I have a perfect solution for you then – please join me for the night of guided exploration. This is an 1.5h adventure during which I meet you […]

I am so good

I am so good

“I am so good I scream out my name during sex.” Haha. Know someone like this? Please like, tag and share xoxo



“Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire.” I love the sexual play that starts in our minds. Touching someone’s fantasy world, distilling the essence of their desires, needs, wants and turn ons. Knowing your own preferences and dreams is great. Communicating with your partner about these – awesome. Playing […]