Thank you for coming out to today’s meditation webinar

Had a blast today during the free morning webinar going over sex toys, sensuality boost ideas, reading erotica, showing Energy Orgasm video and leading a healing infused meditation.

P. S. Below are some of the ways the meditation has affected everyone, so grateful to those who came out!

• This meditation really shoots me to the stars, serious shift to 5D
• I felt an enormous field of energy at the end, electricity filled my body
• I feel totally relaxed and light headed

Sexual Guidance

Sexual Pleasure Guidance

Sexual Pleasure Guidance A tall, well-mannered, stylish young man has visited my healing studio recently. He was well educated, accomplished and soft-spoken. The reason for coming to the studio was inability to connect with the sexual force inside of him, he was also experiencing erectile dysfunction difficulties. We’ve talked at length about his life, background […]

sex senses couples

Six Senses – Sensual Couple’s Journey

Enjoy a Sensual Adventure for Couples – right in time for the Holidays! Experience each other through Six Senses, rediscover your love and reignite the passion: Memorable and Tantalizing multi sensory guided exploration (one partner giving, another receiving) Balancing, relaxing and charging couples’ healing session Exercises and guided experientials to tune into each others frequencies […]