Chaos to Calm – FREE Webinar Tonight

You can become more effective in your work time and not have to work more to compensate for the lost time. Just imagine what you would do with all the time you gained if this happened.  

You can learn all about it during the 2-hour webinar we’re hosting on Wednesday, September 28th at 6:30 pm. Register here to secure your spot.

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification – Last Call!

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 3 days until Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification training begins, and this Wednesday is the last day to register!
We have 1 spot left, and if you’re reading this then I think this spot has your name on it!
Here’s why I think you should be there, and why Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification is different (and better)…

Chaos to Calm – Does this sound familiar?

Please see if this may sound familiar:
You have no energy for quality time with your family today. It’s late afternoon. And again, you’ve worked longer than you thought you would
So you sit on a couch, turn on a show on Netflix and start watching. All you’re thinking of right now is having peace and calm. If anyone starts talking to you, you get irritated.
You’re not even hungry for dinner
You grab a bag of chips and watch 

LimitLESS – Last Call!

Our group is carefully curated so you can make real connections with open minded and open-hearted people who get you and you can turn to for support. The group is capped at 7 people to promote deeply healing trust-building connections we need to flourish and grow

LimitLESS FREE Webinar tonight

Limitless is designed to help you connect authentically and explore together, to give you multiple diverse perspectives on yourself and your life, to give you a place to share, and process life outside of friends and family. To give you bi-weekly deeply authentic “me” time.

FREE Practitioner Certification Webinar, Energy Orgasms – September 22

Are you passionate about personal growth, deep healing transformation and sensual awakening? Are you ready to embrace an exciting, life changing career that allows you to make a powerful positive contribution to the lives of others, extend your market share and expand into this lucrative industry?

Practitioner Certification – fastest growing market

Did you know that sexual wellness and coaching industries are the fastest professional growing market segments in the world!? That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about my Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Program: not only it is deeply healing and sensually liberating but it also promises a very bright future to all of our wonderful practitioners!

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Fall intake is open

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Fall intake is open. Are you a coach, therapist, tantric practitioner, massage professional or an alternative health practitioner with a passion for enhancing clients’ well-being, deep healing and sensual liberation? Or are you a meditation, yoga, holistic lifestyle or personal growth enthusiast who’d love to dive deeper into facilitating powerful holistic shift for yourself and others? I have a wonderful FREE offer for you: to join my upcoming Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification introductory webinar:

LimitLESS – Sexuality

Many of us are unhappy in our sensual expression. Often, we’re afraid to voice / acknowledge our dreams and fantasies. And even if we are – it’s scary to first embark on the journey of inner exploration and sexual liberation because of the judgements society puts on us. There’s nothing more powerful and liberating than […]