Exciting Announcement coming soon – May 28th NY

Exciting Announcement coming soon – May 28th , New York! I have a very exciting announcement about teaching / public speaking event I’m will be participating to on May 28t in new York city! Dreams do come true indeed!

Private Guided Sex Club Tour – June 24

Back by popular demand! Join our in-person guided S*x club tour as well as online Meet and Greet on (June 22/24) Wonderful way to meet like-minded people, learn a ton of sexy / pleasure-filled techniques and bring your fantasies to life 🙂

FREE Practitioner Certification Webinar, Energy Orgasms – July 14

Are you passionate about personal growth, deep healing transformation and sensual awakening? Are you ready to embrace an exciting, life changing career that allows you to make a powerful positive contribution to the lives of others, extend your market share and expand into this lucrative industry?

Sex Club Tour April 22 Story

So many of you wanted to hear what actually took place at our recent Sex Club tour! Well, let me tell you – it was a beautiful experience!

We all met 2 days prior to going in and connected to everyone via Zoom. This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, go over expectations, safety, enjoy sexy trivia and learn more about sex clubs and kink world and lifestyles. Everyone loved the format of setting intentions and meeting participants prior to going in!

Feedback from Practitioner a Certification Student

My heart signs when I read comments like these: “I’ve seen tons of clients which has been amazing. For sure already even before moving onto the next module this course has seriously transformed my work and feels like the missing piece of what I really need it. It’s exciting because I am bringing in a lot of my own knowledge and really doing the sessions my own unique way but with the format of the energy orgasm training.” S. W.

3 reasons you should join Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace

I’m so excited!! And I can’t hide it 🙂 (singing) I can’t wait to get started with our 8 week Transformationally Profound course.

Below are 3 reasons why I believe you should join (ONLY3 spots left):

Reason #1: State of the Art Course that takes you into the depths of your being
Reason #2: Wonderful group of open-hearted fellow travelers to share your journey with
Reason #3: Enjoy introductory offer of 50% off and become course’s success story!

Private Guided Sex Club Tour ENERGY ORGASMS edition – April 22

April is going to be spicier than ever! Have you heard? I’m teaching not 1 or 2 but 3 workshops during our in-person guided S*x club tour and online Meet and Greet edition (April 20/22) Wonderful way to meet like-minded people, learn a ton of sexy / pleasure-filled techniques and bring your fantasies to life […]

Yesterday’s sex club visit

Yesterday’s Sex Club visit was so much fun! It was wonderful to see so many sensual scenes happening on the dance floor and fun play in the dungeon and in play rooms. Imagine: sensual music playing from DJ booth, colorful light highlighting sensual kinky scenes of pleasure, tease, denial, sensation play… The energy is palpable and exquisitely sexy. So beautiful to be back and connect to this community again!

Personal development, relationships and sexuality survey

What an emotionally challenging week! Between Putin invading Ukraine, sow lift of Covid restrictions and my birthday celebrations – my heart is full of conflicting emotions and thoughts. It feels like the whole world is on the edge! Please comment if you van relate <3 I'm also currently in the process of creating offers focused on helping deepening connection with self and others, overcoming emotional, mental and spiritual blockages; and creating lives full of unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity

Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m wishing you an incredible day and year full of self love and deep powerful connection with your loved ones! What are your plans? Love has no other desire but to fulfil l itself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: To melt and be […]