Practitioner Certification Energy Orgasm

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training FREE Intro Webinar – April 22

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training FREE Intro Webinar – April 22

Are you passionate and curious about the work that I do? Would you like to know what it takes to become an Energy Orgasm Practitioner and learn all of my secrets :)? Do you feel called to do this deep, healing, pleasure-filled work and help your clients change lives at a profound level? Are you a coach, massage therapist or a Reiki healing practitioner who’d love to add energetic sexuality work to an already impressive resume and list of skills?


Polyamory Workshop – Aftermath

What a day! Private 3 hour session, followed by a Sex Club Private Guided Tour and Polyamory workshop at Oasis! Thank you so much to everyone who came out! Amazing, deep healing – removing blocks that were not serving, flowing in healing energy full of essence and joy. Focusing on the wild woman within and […]

we shouldn't be doing this

We shouldn’t be doing this

“Let’s do some we shouldn’t be doing this things.” Rebellion could be sweet and sexy 😉 Follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to dance to your own music.

group sex

Q & A: Group Sex

How to safely explore Swinging / Group sex Q: Evguenia, my partner and I would like to know how to safely explore swinging / group sex. Please let me know! J. D. A: Thank you J! Group sex or swinging are some of the more common fantasies people have. Below are a few points to […]

relationship spice

Relationship Spice Workshop – Aftermath

So many workshops, just this weekend The Nookie has hosted me for another sexy intimate event on how to spice up the relationships. We’ve shared some ideas on how to keep things exciting, new and playful. Lots of self-awareness exercises and even some deep energy work. Feeling grateful!!