energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm – Erotica

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Energy Orgasm – Erotica Overwhelmed, elated, emotional… Is it really true? Could a strong connection like this exist? Such an amazing alignment… Energetically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. She finally manifested Him… so it must be true. Alice was stimulating his prostate… Pegging, then playing with his cock while touching this magical spot inside of him […]


Polyamory 101

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Polyamory 101 Most of us have been raised with the cultural expectations of meeting a soul mate, falling in love and living happily ever after while being monogamous throughout the length of the marriage. This approach works for some but, unfortunately, not for others. Often, I hear people tell me – “I fell in love […]

life force 2

Life Force 02

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Governments, religions are some of the external forces that try to oppose and control our sexual expression. What drives these internal and external walls? Fear. Fear of the strength within. Wild Power. Passion. Freedom. Uncontrollable joy and acceptance… This is where the separation comes in. Black and white. Good and Bad. Animal-like yet spiritual. “She […]