Feel at ease and comfortable

“Evguenia has a magical ability to make one feel at ease and comfortable right from the start. I easily opened up to her and experience very powerful energy healing first from a Kundalini workshop and then from an energy healing personal session.”

I feel so clear

I feel so clear

“Morning, I feel so clear this morning and would like to please book a healing session with you when you have time? Many many thanks!” B. L. I love next day follow ups and positive reviews! 🙂 How has your morning treated you?

Meet Evguenia Spirit Sex Lab

Who is Evguenia from SpiritSexLab

In my quest to explain a bit better what Spirit Sex Lab is all about and who I am, here’s a short video on it. Questions? Thoughts? Please like, share and tag your friends to spread the word <3

Great review

I loved the personality

“I loved the personality of the presenter as well as her openness, respect and acceptance of others and knowledge that she shared.” A. B. This review is from a recent workshop participant… Want to see which workshop topics I ran? Please See Past Events Here.  

happy customer review

Enlightening, liberating and healing

Enlightening, Liberating and Healing Counseling “Whatever the reason you are seeking counseling with her is, I guarantee that just speaking with her would be enlightening, liberating, and healing. I strongly recommend all her Services, although I have not tried them all yet, just based on the beautiful experience I had with her on my counseling”. […]