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Meet my wonderful client Derek

Meet my wonderful client Derek, Hospitality sector professional from Toronto Canada.

Derek and I have been exploring Personal Transformation and Energy Orgasms Program as well as Energy Healing. In our sessions we focused on deepening contact with himself, diving into energetically orgasmic states as well as blocks removal.

Meet my wonderful client Natalya

“I can’t even put into words what I feel: the session has revealed to me the secret behind my sexual empowerment, how my body would react with the energy orgasm and most of all, those intense levels of bliss. It was such a feeling of liberation, aliveness and emotional freedom. After the session, I have gained the ability to feel again. I have never been this connected with my authentic self and now I feel amazing, excited, open, energized and alive!”

super helpful

Super Helpful

“She listened and was super helpful. Will be making this a regular thing!” D. S. Mmmm… I love positive feedback 🙂 I […]

everyone needs a safe space

Safe Place

“Everyone needs a safe place to open their hearts and minds and Evguenia provides a warm, loving environment full of exploration, understanding […]

Healing Testimonial

I’m blessed with truly wonderful clients. And each of them reflects a different part of me. So their healing is also my […]

Client Review

“I am fortunate to have our paths cross… I had no idea energy healing was so “real”. I have learnt more about myself from […]