Sane all the time

“No one is more dangerously insane than one who is sane all the time.

Alan Watts

Phew – that felt good lol

Trust in Dreams

Trust in Dreams

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”
Khalil Gibran

What are you dreaming of? I’m dreaming of judgement-free, inclusive world where everyone is free to be who they are deep down inside, sharing their unique gifts with the world. That and world-wide #energyorgasm day lol

Life loves

“Life loves the liver of it.” Maya Angelou Are you living your life to the fullest? The single most important awareness gift I’ve received following my #thyroidcancer healing journey was to live each day as if it were my last. This life is given to us to fully enjoy and authentically align with who we […]

Venetian Ball Kink Party Appearance – 05/18/2019

Appearance: Catch me at a wonderful Venetian Ball Kink Party (May 18, 2019) You can find me at this awesome kink event! The party is a Fabulous Night of Proper English, Behaviour and Discipline at Mistress Patricia Marsh’s exquisite Dungeon. This Victorian house is totally dedicated to BDSM play with 6 fantasy chambers. It is the […]

Alice in Polyland - Lat day

Last day of my Alice in PolyLand campaign!

Can you believe it? It’s the last day of my Alice in PolyLand campaign! We have surpassed the goal and are at 126%! Thank YOU! If you still haven’t ordered the book and would like to HELP ME meet my new goals of 3,5K to create the second eLearning course on Sexually Spiritual topic such as […]

Day to day life of a poly person

Scheduling in Polyamory

Day to day life of a poly person (Scheduling in Polyamory) Life is limitless, time is unfortunately not. So what does a day to day of a poly person look like? How is one able to handle multiple relationships simultaneously? Please comment with your life hacks and ideas, share this post with those who could […]

Ready to take on the world

“Ready to take on the world and be in the present. To feel.” What is your bliss? Read about mine in Alice in PolyLand

Alice in PolyLand testimonials

Mindful Sex

I’m at 27% in my campaign (only 36 days left) and need your help! “My favourite section was on ‘Mindful Sex’ and all of the pleasures that the brain can create, just from storytelling alone. This versatile collection overlaps across art, literature and education; just as sexuality itself is all encompassing.” Fatima Mechtab Thank you […]

open up

Open up

“I loved how you listened to me and helped me open up!” D. S. Private Session It’s my pleasure to hold the space for you when you come. To let you become aware of tightness, discomfort and energy blockages you may be holding in your body and your field. It’s my absolute pleasure to teach […]