Alice in Polyland First Impressions

Alice in PolyLand – First Impressions by Alice and Dave

Alice in PolyLand – First Impressions by Alice and Dave Want to see the moment I first look at Alice in PolyLand book and hear a few fun behind the scenes stories from Dave (main book’s character)? Well, then you’re in luck! Please watch the video below! More info about the book at

design your life

Design your life

“Please don’t be afraid to design your like just the way you like it!” If you could achieve anything in life, anything at all – what would your life be like? Could you take a tine little step towards that goal right now? And other…

the game we'll play

Be still no matter what I do

“The game we’ll play today requires you to stay motionless. To stay silent. Be still no matter what I do. Two days ago I joined an amazing, deviant Dominant man in a tickle play scene with a cute submissive girl. She loved being tickled and was mortified of it at the same time. She’s […]

Alice in PolyLand

Alice in PolyLand – one week left!

One week left! We’re at 122%!! Thank you, you guys have been awesome! Can we raise for another eLearning course ($340 more) so I can reach even more people with this soulfully sexy initiative? From the beginning, my ambition for Alice in Polyland was to  capture spicy erotic stories that entice imagination and unleash […]

Alter Ego

Alter Ego

“Connect with your Alter Ego and Her Dominant personality. Feel into which three adjectives you would use to describe yourself…” Tell me, which Alter Ego of yours would you like to connect to today/tonight? Name three adjectives of who they are. Want some ideas? Support my project and get “Alice in PolyLand”: Inspirational guide […]

Alice in Polyland 100% goals

Thank you!! Campaign at 100% Goal in only short 16 days!

Holly Smokes! Did I mention how grateful I am to all of you? My campaign is at $2511 which is $11 over it’s target (100+% whooping percent) and I still have 29 more days to go! YOU are simply THE BEST! I couldn’t have done this without you!!! Sending you a huge hug and a […]

Intellectual Erection Podcast

Intellectual Erection – Transcendental Orgasms Podcast

Such a wonderful time I had on Intellectual Erection podcast!! Thank you so much for such a fun, deep, sexy conversation! Listen to it Here. Here’s a bit about the episode as described by Patric: On this episode I speak with Evguenia from Spirit Sex Lab, a sexual healing, book writing, sex educating, polyamorous, kink and […]

Force called sexuality

Force Called Sexuality

“This very force is closely connected to our life force, creativity and self-expression. The force called sexuality.” Have you noticed that your sensual nature is directly connected to feeling ‘alive’, creative and self expressed? No wonder, as it’s the same energy life force we all host inside. Tell me, what your life force is […]

Roses Thorns Kink Party

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Party Aftermath

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Kink Party Aftermath Beautifully elegant women – wearing lacy lingerie, latex, corsets and sheer clothes highlighting their curves… Sensual, empowered, open and discerning. Well dressed gentlemen – sincere, vulnerable, playful… Sumptuous foods. We had so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to the tour! We learned about […]

Kind Party Tour

Roses and Thorns Kink Party

Can’t wait till February 9th Kink Party! So many deviant plans… If you’re a Kink Tour Workshop Participant – please check your inbox for the Party rules, address and prepare to be amused and entertained! Forced Femme, naked slaves, impact play and so much more – are just some of the scenes that will take […]