sensual movies

Sensual Movies – Reader’s Tips

Some folks are really turned on by artistically filmed, sexy, sensual movies. Below is a great collection of movies that my friend Alex Dark of Black and Blue has recommended for your viewing pleasure. I am also adding a few of my favorites below. What a great idea for a sexy date or two! Please […]

Everything you can imagine is real

“Everything you can imagine is real”.
Pablo Picasso

I am imagining a world without a judgement, where people are free to be themselves. A world in which we can play, create, experience joy and pleasure without the feelings of guilt,  or shame. Want to create a world just like that with me? Join in co-creating the sensually mystical experience on August 17th. 

Apply to join:

Hot Wax Play

Hot Wax Play – Erotica

Hot Wax Play – Erotica Alice was not used to being a canvas. An Artist – yes. Mixing vibrant colors, painting landscapes and sketching nudes… The smell of oil, the squeaking sound that charcoal makes against the paper… Yes! For as long she could remember herself… But being part of an actual artwork was new […]


Creativity is contagious

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Rumi What do you love creating? Art? Dance? Kids ;)? Whatever it is – please do it more often!!! And pass it on! What is your favorite way of expressing yourself?