Alice in Polyland

Alice in Polyland – erotica

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Evguenia and I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Over the past few years I have written some spicy, sensual, deep, wild and soulful stories of my Alter Ego Alice and would love to share these with you! Alice is a mother and a polyamorous wife, an artist, and a healer. An entrepreneur. A sexuality educator. A lover. A seductress.

Purple Light

Purple light district

Purple light district (more polyamory related, erotic stories can be found at

He was a tech guru. Incredibly smart, unique, tall, handsome. Though he didn’t really believe the latter. His last relationship left him questioning his self confidence.

“Do you know why the Red Light District in Amsterdam has that name?”, asked Valen over one of their casual online chats. “I’m not sure, babe, why?” “The sex workers turn on the red lights to attract their customers… I will turn my lights purple whenever I’m in the mood.” he texted

Alice in polyland erotica

Alice in Polyland book is excellent

“Alice in Polyland book is excellent. Let me know when your next comes out. I definitely find myself wanting to read more. Your lack of inhibitions and sexual freedom is very refreshing. I appreciate all your insights from your experiences.”

E. K.
Alice in Polyland book reader

Alice in PolyLand

Lack of inhibitions – Alice in PolyLand

Some people don’t kiss and tell and then there’s me lol Sharing my whole poly journey with you guys 😉 Ok, mostly highlights and yes – all names and some of the visual characteristics changed for privacy reasons. But still – 99.99% real life stories 😉 (more at

Holiday Giveaway

Complimentary Alice in PolyLand Book pdf

Holiday Celebration continues – Complimentary erotic Alice in PolyLand book pdf today only. Hi Lovely! Have you ever felt restricted or repressed in fully expressing who you are deep down inside at your very core? Perhaps, you’ve come from a conservative background where any expression of sexuality has been forbidden. Maybe, you’ve been in a […]

Contraction follows expansion

Contraction always follows an expansion

“Just like the beginning of the winter is inevitable, a contraction always follows an expansion.” Have you heard of such a phenomenon as life pulse? Expansion > Stasis > Contraction > Stasis We all tend to follow this life pulse in life: Seasons – with their growth/expansion, blooming and eventually contraction, death cycles Breath […]

Alice in Polyland First Impressions

Alice in PolyLand – First Impressions by Alice and Dave

Alice in PolyLand – First Impressions by Alice and Dave Want to see the moment I first look at Alice in PolyLand book and hear a few fun behind the scenes stories from Dave (main book’s character)? Well, then you’re in luck! Please watch the video below! More info about the book at

Alice in PolyLand – 138% Funded!

Alice in PolyLand, 138% Funded. We raised $3,450 in short 40 days! YES! I’m in awe. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank everyone who made this book a reality! And additionally raised money for two eLearning courses I’m looking to create next. I’m extremely grateful for this amazing community, my friends, […]

Alice in Polyland

Alice in PolyLand – 5 hours left

“… Deep within us lives a force – powerful energy of self-expression, joy and ultimate pleasure – the force called sexuality.” How does this force live in you? Are you in touch with it? Can you experience it as much as you’d like, fully move through you and powerfully transmute into even higher frequencies? […]

Alice In Polyland two days left

Alice in PolyLand Two days left

ALICE IN POLYLAND – TWO DAYS LEFT! Let’s get this puppy to $3,5K (only around $400 left to raise) so I can create 2 eLearning courses!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, you’re THE BEST! Please let me introduce myself. My name  is Evguenia and I’m going to let you in […]