Bedroom Technique Edging

Spicy Bedroom Techniques: Edging (Video)

This is one of most potent, mind blowing and fun techniques that is used in Tantra, BDSM and Life lol Have you heard of Edging? Please watch! Comment with thumbs up or down depending on whether you like the game of denial and tease! Lmk if you may be interested in an eWorkshop on more […]

Dr. Jess Recommended Sex Club Guide ;)

Thank you very much Dr. Jess Sexologist for including my name to the list of recommended Sex Club tour guides 🙂 I’m running Sex Club Guided Tour on March 24th DM for details and see description Here To learn more about Sex Clubs, please listen to a wonderful podcast by Dr. Jess “All about Sex […]

Adult Club Tour

Private Guided Sex Club Tour – 03/24/2019

Guided Sex Club Tour Are you curious to see what happens behind the closed doors of an adult playground club? Would you like to also meet like-minded folks and learn more about Polyamory at a workshop I’m teaching? I have a perfect solution for you then – please join me for the night of guided […]

let's play

Let’s Play – Handcuffs

PLAY with ME A few days ago I received this note from a reader: “Alice, I’d like your feedback on something if you don’t mind.   Last Christmas I got my wife a gift certificate from Good For Her. I was hoping she would pick out a toy or a book or some lube or […]

Sex clubs

Adult playgrounds, Stores, Workshops guidance

Adult playgrounds, Stores, Workshops guidance Whenever one ventures out into an unexplored territory, it’s always great to find the support system and like-minded people and communities. When I first started exploring the amazing world of sexual pleasure, excitement, BDSM, Poly and Tantra I have spent years researching the best techniques, finding the best resources and […]

abandance of femininity

Alice Exudes an abundance of femininity

“Alice (Evguenia) exudes an abundance of femininity, power, and playfulness and is one of the most daring, sensual, and fun women I have ever met.” A. V., Financial Director P. S. This was such a fun Private Sex Club tour – thank you to all who joined me!