Speaking Engagements

Evguenia is an engaging and exciting speaker who fills rooms such as U of T and York auditoriums, high net worth women summit, private female corporate group events and many others with laughter, energy, and most importantly life-changing concepts that keep audiences returning for more. She creates an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort, trust, confidence and authenticity. Evguenia spent countless years in education and research, all resulting in a broad breadth of knowledge that she uses to empower and motivate the listeners to discover their personal gifts and take another step in the journey toward living authentically-aligned lives full of love, pleasure, self-acceptance, connection, and passion.


Evguenia is an Accredited Energy Therapist and a Passionate Sex Educator who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program. She packs over 10 years of Healing and Expressive Arts education as well as experience in facilitating private Healing and Sexual Guidance sessions focusing on topics such as Personal Growth, Energy Orgasms, Relationship Deepening, BDSM, Sex Positivity and Healing. She also facilitates judgement-free, supportive and poly/kink friendly workshops at various locations such as U of T and York auditoriums, high net worth women summits, private female corporate group events and many others.

Evguenia’s heart’s biggest desire is to help clients discover their gifts and live fuller authentically aligned lives full of love, pleasure, and passion.

Listen to me speak:

Topics can be tailored to your needs and may include:

Personal Transformation

  • Deepening connection with oneself
  • Judgements / shame / guilt awareness and blocks removal
  • Self-esteem and self-love work
  • Redefining oneself. Who am I? Multidimensional exploration
  • Sexual blueprint, charisma and self confidence
  • Identifying Individual needs
  • Manifesting intentions
  • Discovering Essence
  • Multiplying pleasure


  • Redefining relationships
  • Dating, partner selection and alternative relationships
  • Redefining Partner needs
  • Communication
  • Spicing up long term relationships
  • Connection building + deepening
  • Sacred sexuality
  • G spot Stimulation
  • Prostate Stimulation
  • Tantric pleasure practices
  • Relationship types exploration
  • Toy Chest and Play Ideas

Hot & Spicy

  • Energy Orgasms (profound spiritual phenomenon)
  • Open relationships / Polyamory (main principles, scheduling, jealousy, communication, boundaries etc.)
  • BDSM / kink play (overview, fun play ideas, safety, ways to explore)
  • Group sex / Unicorns (fantasies, boundaries, safety, communication)
  • Sex Club experiences (fantasy, boundaries, safety, jealousy, communication)
  • Alternative relationship resources and persona work
  • Sexual Safety

Some of the past speaking engagements included:

  • High net worth women entrepreneur summit
    “Aligning with the truth within and Open / Alternative Relationships”
  • Private female corporate group event
    “Pleasure, Relationship Spice and Multitude of Orgasms”
  • York University
    “Polyamory 101”
  • Own your pleasure promotional corporate female event
    “Spiritual Sexuality: Energy Orgasms”, “Removing internal blocks using guided meditation approach”
  • Dauphine Magazine upscale slumber party
    “Pleasure, Relationships and Play Ideas”
  • Gilda’s Club Toronto
    “Meditation on Body Centered Emotions”
  • University of Toronto (SEC)
    “Open Relationships” “Kink and Mindfulness”
  • Lifestyle Adult Club
    “Polyamory and Open relationships” “Tantric Pleasure”
  • Private Play Dungeon
    “Navigating Kink: Consent, Negotiations, Safety and Fantasies”
  • The Nookie Sex Store
    “Prostate Play and Strap on Basics”
  • Good for Her
    “Relationships Spice” “Energy Orgasms”