Meet Evguenia

Personal Transformation

Having gone through a deep personal transformation myself – my heart’s biggest desire is to help you discover your gifts and live a fuller life.

Evguenia (aka Alice) was born in Saint Petersburg Russia. She had a typical conservative Soviet Union upbringing. Kids had to perform perfectly at school where everyone wore the same black/brown uniforms, be respectful and most importantly quiet. AS many know, during the Soviet Era individuality was highly discouraged...

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Educational Background

10 years of education in Energy healing and Expressive Arts, 20+ years in business essence expression along with my interest in various meditative practices and psychological studies allow me to better support you through your healing journey.
Evguenia is a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, having graduated from world’s premier institute of hands-on healing and personal transformation called Barbara Brennan School of Healing® US after 4 years’ training. Moreover, BBSH was established by Dr. Barbara Brennan, former NASA physicist. BBSH is the only healing school where one can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in healing.

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What Makes Evguenia a Unique Healer

There are many healing modalities and healers/sex educators available and it’s important that you choose the right healer for yourself. What makes Evguenia the right coach for you? People who come to see me enjoy our sessions because of some of the following few reasons:
  • I’ve worked through and transformed a lot of my own blocks and pain; in turn I am passionate about walking this path with you. It brings me great satisfaction to see people feel more essence and authentic happiness...

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