Enjoy deep healing, unsurpassed pleasure, sexual liberation and a touch of magic

Are you passionate about personal growth, deep healing transformation and sensual awakening? Do you feel called to overcome inner wounds, trauma and mental / physical blockages and enjoy shame free ecstatic freedom-filled life? Would you like to deepen into multidimensional orgasmic pleasure potential expansion? Are you ready to embrace an exciting, life changing transformation that positively affects all areas of your life (physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, relationally and professionally)?
Say yes to the pleasure, freedom and healing you’ve been dreaming of! Experience incredible depth of self love, unleashed sensuality and deep emotional healing, release blockages and awaken sensual force as you change your life and the lives of others.
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Energetic orgasm is an ultimate explosion of body, mind, heart and soul that can be experienced and facilitated touch free or combined with physical pleasure. This phenomenon is profoundly healing, ecstatic, multidimensional and energetic in nature.
Regardless of gender, Energy Orgasm allows everyone to achieve deeper states of connection (with self and other), multi-orgasmic bliss and emotional blockage release as well as a deeper sense of healing. The course’s intention is to teach you to experience this blissful phenomenon on your own.

Experience profound change by enrolling into this Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery 8-week course

This powerful program contains science-based theoretical knowledge, combined with modern day healing arts experientials, powerful energetic practices and body-based healing experientials / handouts that multidimensionally aid at best transformational results.
  • Enjoy 10 incredibly informative videos that take you step by step through healing / sexual wellness liberation journey
  • 2 bonus live sessions recorded with real clients with real life feedback and tips
  • 100-page workbook with detailed science-based and modern-day energy medicine / psychology theory / practice exercises
  • 25+ practices and powerful body / mind / heart / spirit experientials
  • 10+ handouts and fill out sheets
  • Multiple guided meditations
  • Ability to book a personalized guided experience / homework feedback guidance every step of the way

Real feedback from clients who have completed my other trainings…


“I gained a lot of self-awareness, knowledge, released blockages and allowed more pure, blissful energy in! I feel super happy. Oh wow! I could feel rolling energy and so much processing through a third eye – opening and awakening. Thank you for allowing me comforting and encouraging safe space. If I felt resistance, I heard you ask me to move / allow it – I would completely relax and let go.”


Derek - client testimonial energy orgasm
“I learned so much through the Energy Orgasm program! Orgasm is not the same as ejaculation. It is a circular movement of energy throughout the body as opposed to ejaculation that is an explosion. The slow build ups are so much more orgasmic for me!”


Client Testimonial Abe
“Being a spiritual practitioner myself, it wasn’t until my ego took a back seat, that I realized how much Evguenia was able to open me up to energetic expansion. She really is experienced, and her methods are very effective. I feel free and full of life energy. Also certain aspects of me have become even more robust!”


Client testimonial
“I came across SpiritSexLab in Instagram, and don’t really recall what algorithms and clicks brought me to her page but I am so happy I landed there. After going through some consultation phone calls and working through the sessions, I walked away with tools and resources that I’m able to refer to anytime and the best part is that you can use them for a lifetime. Evguenia is a great listener, very compassionate and objective. She provides a perspective that we sometimes can’t see and that is invaluable! I’m very thankful for our conversations and sessions.”


“Evguenia!!!!!! So much fun and much needed laughter too! I loved every minute of today, I will never forget his day, never!!! Healing, honesty, laughter and connection, so perfect! You do wonders for me and are becoming so precious to me, yes as a healing professional, but so precious as a human that I am so grateful to have in my life!” “I am at a loss still for words. This energy, these feelings, this experience, I never dreamt I could get there. Oh oh oh oh I am going to have to take some time to let it all settle in as I just can’t describe it. My arms are so weak I can hardly hold them to the keyboard. My legs are shaking with weakness and my mind only feels joy and pleasure…..omg omg I can’t find the words to express how this feels. OMG do I love you and what you are doing for me…. omg… Love Bob”


Energy Orgasm Sarah
“It was like bliss, I felt beautiful, I felt sexual, I felt sexy, I felt in ecstasy! I was on cloud nine!” “I’m in tears! Because it was very powerful!” “And sometimes it’s like millions of feathers and drops of water showering me! And I was shedding tears because it was very intense! It was like when you’re really that happy… and you don’t know what to do with your body! It was an immense pleasure!”

Benefits of taking the Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery Program

The following are some of the possible benefits you may experience once you learn to achieve Energy Orgasms. Multidimentional benefits include body, mind, heart and soul deep healing effects and beyond!

Physical Intimacy & Pleasure

  • Raise your sensitivity and increase body awareness
  • Take your sex life to the next level by experiencing enhanced level of pleasure
  • Dive into body, mind, heart and soul orgasm
  • Learn how to have multiple orgasms and experience pleasure for any gender / differently able

Self Confidence & Connection Deepening

  • Connect more deeply with yourself, your lovers and sexuality
  • Experience freedom of sensual expression
  • Re-ignite passion, attraction and sexual satisfaction in couples

Peace of Mind & Mental Clarity

  • Dive deeper into being present and mindful
  • Learn to center into yourself and deepen into relaxation
  • Release stress and anxiety

Trauma Healing & Emotional Balance

  • Release emotional and intimate blocks
  • Let go of shame, guilt, low self-esteem and negative body image
  • Balance your emotions and raise your energy levels
  • Experience potent healing and energy movement

Energy Increase, Spiritual Connection & Intention Manifestation

  • Ground into your own power, sexuality and multiply pleasure
  • Increase your intuition and deepest wisdom
  • Multiply orgasmic energy and enter a spiritual realm of your life
  • Manifest your desires

Enroll into Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery course and enjoy sexually liberating healing

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Hi, I’m Evguenia – Founder of Spirit Sex Lab

I help successful professionals overcome their blockages in self-love, intimacy and sexuality; and create lives full of connection, desire and love.
I’m an accredited Energy Therapist and a Passionate Sexuality Guide, a graduate of the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program.
Personally, I made a 180 degree turn in my life, having come from a very conservative background from feeling emotionally, sexually and spiritually stagnant and blocked off to being fully expressed, authentically aligned and free to embody who I am deep down inside.
Professionally, I pack over 10 years of Healing and Expressive Arts education as well as extensive experience in helping successful professionals overcome emotional, sexual and mental blockages; and create lives full of confidence, pleasure and freedom of choice. Through my YouTube channel, newsletters and programs, I motivate hundreds of thousands of amazing people to experience deeper connection, hot passion and soulfully sexy bliss.
I’m wholeheartedly ecstatic to offer this comprehensive Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery program that allows you to embrace a newly found freedom and self-confidence, discover your inner gifts, immense passion and authentically aligned life full of love, pleasure, and bliss.

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Real feedback from clients who have completed my other trainings…

K. S.

“Evguenia is an amazing teacher and healer. Her personality makes talking about sex and desires so natural and easy. She has broad knowledge and experience to answer all the questions and concerns which one might have. We love how she always encourages to explore further with no judgment and in very positive way. My husband and I took a few workshops and private sessions and can not thank Evguenia enough for the changed we had in out personal life.”


“Evguenia helped me get through several blocks in my life. Her guidance and empathy really showed me a path to owning a bigger part of my life that I had neglected for a long time. She also showed me how to channel my energy in new ways that has made a big difference in my life. I am grateful to have been one of her successful clients.”


“I met Evguenia during lockdown. I was quite lonely and distraught. Almost 60, alone and lost. For roughly four decades I had self esteem and abandonment issues and couldn’t survive without a woman. Evguenia’s guidance changed that. I no longer have self esteem or abandonment issues. I'm doing very well and dating is turning out to be incredibly satisfying. Our sessions were so refreshing and energetic!”


“I can’t even put into words what I feel: the sessions have revealed to me the secret behind my sexual empowerment, how my body would react with the energy orgasm and most of all, those intense levels of bliss. It was such a feeling of liberation, aliveness and emotional freedom.
After our sessions, I have gained the ability to feel again. I have never been this connected with my authentic self and now I feel amazing, excited, open, energized and alive!”

P. F.

"Evguenia was fantastic to work with. I learned even more than I expected. We spent a good deal of time connecting with my own body and hangups and emotional baggage so I could be more free to express myself. She helped me with her distant energy sessions which I can affirm are the real deal. The first couple sessions I didn’t tell my wife what I was up to – but after being all amped up on sexual energy after our sessions she expressed to me that “there was something going on and I find you irresistible right now”. Needless to say, that was the beginning of a wild week or two – it’s all a blur. Additionally, she went above and beyond to help me learn to facilitate energy work with my wife and guide her through the process. I was very impressed at her dedication and couldn’t recommend her enough. I look forward to working with her again once I’ve fully practiced all the many things we’ve discussed.”


“Thank you so much! I am learning a lot. I feel more in tune with myself and my own ability to move the energy. I notice this energy work has helped in my sex life too now. Excited to keep learning more and mastering this energy work, thank you for teaching me!” “I’m also noticing a lot of changes sexually – it’s like my body is re-learning and rewiring how to enjoy sex and feel sensations. For the first time ever lately I’ve really felt like I can orgasm from penetration-only and that’s a new development for me!” “Thank you SO much. WOW! I cannot describe what that session did for me. It was very intense. I do not often break down and cry like that but I know I haven’t fully faced or dealt with the sexual trauma of my past and today felt like a really healthy purge of getting it out. When I was laying down and you were talking to me I could see my body going in and out of my current body to the body I had as a little three year old and all the innocence and warmth that was lost in that moment."

Enjoy convenient, professional remote learning

Learn to experience Energy Orgasms from anywhere in the world! Spirit Sex Lab Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery program is a 8-week immersive, highly experiential, transformational course that is structured on a strong healing / professional energy work foundation. Enroll now and claim deep sexy healing

This unique and exquisite program incorporates:

  • Scientific insights and modern research findings on energy psychology / medicine and affecting powerful internal change
  • Professional Energy healing foundations and sensual energy knowledge that allow for deep healing and blockage release
  • Holistic, multidimensional mindfulness-based most profound healing experientials and sexual practices (body, mind, heart and soul) with judgement-free guidance and holistic tools that include energy sensing and healing experientials
  • Potent and elevating breathwork, spicy pleasure practices and deep mindfulness-based experientials that aid in sensual expansion
  • Body-centered psychology personal development elements allowing for deep contact and healing to take place
  • Sensual / sexual energy alignment and exploration welcoming your full orgasmic potential

Chapter 1: Energy Orgasm phenomenon, benefits, welcome, course objectives

  • Set yourself up for success: diving into your sensual healing potential
  • Discover Energy orgasm phenomenon and powerful benefits
  • Meet your instructor (personal deep sharing), course objectives, transformation map, intention setting
  • Dive into delicious and deep healing homework and resources

Chapter 2: Science behind Energy Orgasms and Learning Energy System

  • Deep dive into Quantum physics, science and research-based Energy System overview and in-depth knowledge
  • Understand healing effects of energy therapy and mindfulness
  • Deepen into your intuitive / sensitive powers
  • Learn powerful theory and delicious practical tips on accessing biofield, energy system, hara line, soul and kundalini dimensions
  • Enjoy sensually invigorating and deep healing homework and resources

Chapter 3: Practice Energy sensing, charging and movement techniques

  • Explore deep moving meditative practices and dive into powerful energy-based experientials
  • Open your high sense perception, accessing the multiple dimensions of your being
  • Understand healing effects of energy therapy and mindfulness and deepen into your intuitive / sensitive powers
  • Step into your power, increase your sensitivity and trust your inner guidance through highly experiential training
  • Experience delicious and transformational healing homework and resources

Chapter 4: Energetic stagnation and blockages; Sexual energy and judgements

  • Discover Science of health and disease
  • Understand and reflect on your own journey, condition, stagnation and disease creation process
  • Follow powerful personal development mindlessness-based framework that helps you deepen into self contact and understand blockages you may need to work through
  • Experience delicious and deep healing homework and resources

Chapter 5: Remove and release emotional, spiritual and sexual stagnation

  • Learn to manage difficult emotions and release blockages that are pulling you back
  • Deepen into powerful science of affecting internal change
  • Use potent mindfulness-based and trance-inducing practices to powerful heal yourself
  • Dive into the deep healing journey framework and powerful healing and emotional blockage removal experientials that serve as a powerful foundation for sensual energy work
  • Experience delicious and deep healing homework and resources

Chapter 6: Learn about building to Solo Energy Orgasms

  • Start building towards reaching your multidimensional orgasmic potential
  • Learn Energy orgasm Solo Mastery energy movement guidelines
  • Experience sexual wellness deep healing and pleasure-inducing practices and techniques
  • Explore holistic and multidimensional body / mind / heart / soul experientials, comprehensive reading and practice materials
  • Enjoy delicious and deep healing homework and resources

Chapter 7: Practice building to Solo Energy Orgasms

  • Deepen into sensual / sexual force and experiencing Kundalini energy
  • Learn powerful methods of sensual energy sensing, moving and charging, advanced sensual meditation, mindfulness and emotional release techniques
  • Explore Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery, energy orgasm fundamentals, techniques, tips and tricks
  • Dive into advanced sexual healing techniques
  • Enjoy delicious and deep healing homework and resources

Chapter 8: Helpful tips and Final Integration Practice

  • Trouble shoot and perfect your Energy orgasm Solo Mastery practice
  • Enjoy a powerful integration and intention setting practice
  • Manifest your dreams, desires and goals
  • Dive into delicious and deep healing homework and resources

BONUS video: Multidimensional Body Scan video practice

  • Watch real life deep healing and transformational practice techniques experienced by incredibly open models
  • Deepen your own practice and self contact

BONUS Video: Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery video practice

  • Watch real life Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery practice experienced by incredibly open models
  • Deepen your own practice and orgasmic potential

Enroll into Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery course and enjoy sexually liberating healing

self-guided course

Enjoy Powerful Self-guided Program that contains science-based theoretical knowledge, combined with modern day healing arts experientials, powerful energetic practices and body-based healing experientials / handouts that multidimensionally aid at best transformational results.
  • Enjoy 10 incredibly informative videos
  • 2 bonus live sessions recorded with real clients
  • 100-page workbook
  • 25+ practices
  • 10+ handouts
  • Multiple guided meditations
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premium guided course

Experience Premiere Guided Course offering complimented by exclusive one-on-one Zoom coaching / facilitation session with Evguenia and homework feedback every step of the way as you benefit from science-based theoretical knowledge, combined with experientials, practices, healings and handouts.
  • Enjoy 10 incredibly informative videos
  • 2 bonus live sessions recorded with real clients
  • 100-page workbook
  • 25+ practices
  • 10+ handouts
  • Multiple guided meditations
  • Homework feedback on submitted questions
  • Personalized one on one guided Energy Orgasm session with Evguenia
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