About Healing and Sex Ed Sessions

Professional Energy Healing, Sex Education and Chakra Balancing sessions are available in-person at Spirit Sex Lab’s Toronto healing studio or over Skype.

In-Person Energy Healing Session
  • Prior to a first session, clients are asked to fill out Client Intake Form which focuses on physical health, emotional balance and psychological and spiritual well being
  • During our first session we will review your physical and emotional history. This will give me a better understanding with regards to what your goals are and where you have come from
  • I will give you some background information about energy healing and go over the healing process with you
  • We will proceed to the massage table and you will lie down fully clothed
  • I will do an assessment of your chakras and will let you know what psychological meaning each of them holds
  • With my hands on your joints and main energy centers, the healing will start – most clients find this very relaxing
  • I will balance, clear and charge your energy field
  • I may practice different Techniques with we will discuss in advance
  • Your experience during the healing is completely unique. You may feel a sense of deep relaxation and calm and most likely be in a trans state. Some people receive visual guidance, while others drift off to sleep. Sometimes, as I clear away the blocks and old traumas, one may also experience strong emotions
  • Once I complete the healing, I will let you rest and integrate. After a few quiet minutes, we may briefly reflect back on the healing


Long Distance Energy Healing Session

Sometimes it is not practical or even possible to receive a session in person. Evguenia is happy to work with you long-distance in the convenience of your own home.

  • Based on the quantum physics concept of “entanglement”, the energy frequency that the healer holds can reach the client. This, in turn, creates a state of healing through a focused and intentional connection.
  • Energy healing works by the means of vibrational frequency, focused contact and intention. Distance healing works exactly the same way as in-person one. The exception is that there’s no physical contact between the client and the healer
  • We will connect via skype to review your physical and emotional history
  • You proceed to lay down or stay seated and relax into the safety of your own living space
  • I then energetically connect to your body and bring you into the healing space. I work with you as if you were physically present (please see the complete description of in-person healing session above)


Sex Education Session

Sex Education or Pleasure Guidance private sessions take place via Skype or at Evguenia’s Healing Studio depending on client’s preferences and Evguenia’s availability.

  • As with an Energy Healing session, prior to a first session, clients are asked to fill out Client Intake Form which focuses on physical health, emotional balance and psychological, sexual and spiritual well-being
  • During our first session we will review your physical, emotional history and relevant sexual information. This will allow me to better understand your goals and background
  • We will cover various sexuality-related topics based on the client’s interests and needs
  • I may also work with your energy field in a similar fashion to the energy healing described above (the client is fully clothed)



Sexual Education or Sexual Pleasure guidance is a non-sexual service. All private sessions are information-based. In a workshop setting, I show some techniques on a live model. No naked sexual contact is allowed between the presenter and the students during our workshops.