radio interview

Radio Interview: KindaSound Radio Station

THANK YOU for having me on your Radio show, KindaSound Radio! Loved chatting with Shellee-Kim about energetic orgasms, spiritual sexuality, kink and what actually takes place during my sessions! Tune in to listen live and please let me know your thoughts!


Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation—an fMRI study

Its fairly easy for me to stay on track when it comes to healthy living and physical workout routines. I can also get quite disciplined and focused in business and intellectual pursuits. I love diving into spirituality and nature walks. Emotional balance, however, has at times been the hardest for me to achieve. Can you […]

New Pricing

Module, Course and Price changes October 1st

Exciting changes are underway at Spirit Sex Lab. In the next few months we’re set to create our very first Solo Energy Orgasm Online Course, change the guidance / healing approach to a more streamlined, roadmap-based experience with set goals, vision and check points on our way towards incredible pleasure-filled and highly transformative goals. We […]

Black out Tuesday

Today, June 2nd, Spirit Sex Lab will observe “Black Out Tuesday”

I will be using this day to reflect on what SSL as a company can do to put action towards change and make changes in the coming weeks / months.


Overcome Blockages

Overcome Emotional and Sexual Blockages – March 22

Overcome Emotional and Sexual Blockages

This webinar will give you an abundance of tools, suggestions and resources to become aware of your inner blockages, learn to start moving and working through them towards achieving an emotional freedom.

When: March 22, 11.00AM – 12.30PM
Where: Online (link sent upon registration, live recording will be sent out to everyone registered)
Price: Introductory discount rate of $35*


Becoming Highly Orgasmic

Becoming Highly Orgasmic Focused intention, going after what you need one little step at a time usually aids at incredible results! For those of you who cannot yet achieve pleasure/orgasms in your life – watch a bit about my Orgasmic Journey – you can do it!! We are all different and beautiful! Your pleasure/experiences may […]

I don’t like being told what to do

” I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

Can you relate :)? At times communicating our own needs is tough – so many of us are afraid to be misunderstood, judged and rejected. At times we also don’t know exactly what our turn ons and turn offs are… Take the time to explore your body, think back to sexiest fantasies you’ve had, feel into your needs and desires and gently let your potential partners know 😉

Doing What You Love

Doing what you love

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” Wayne Dyer Do you agree, lovelies? Comment – what do you love doing?

I'm mine

I’m mine

“I’m mine before I am ever anyone else’s” Nayyirah Waheed Had a deep conversation with a friend recently on a dark, lonely void that a lot of time we all feel inside. You know that sensation of something missing inside one;s chest or around the solar plexus? That we’re trying to fill by… relating to […]