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Nothing short of a miracle worker

“Evguenia is nothing short of a miracle worker! Let me explain myself – in my profession I’m fairly straight laced, so this whole experience was very new to me. I was having some male “performance” issues, so I started looking everywhere for help. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, I stumbled into the wonderful healer…” R. […]

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More Energized and Balanced

“Following the session I felt more energized and balanced. I think I was more content with myself and the outside world. I really enjoyed the session and will recommend it to anybody – at least try it!” Yes, that pretty much sums it up. During our Healing Sessions I often focus on Charging, repairing and balancing […]

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I have learned so much about myself!

“From a handful of sessions, I have learned more about myself than I would have otherwise.” S. E., Financial Adviser To see more healing testimonials, please follow This Link.


Heartfelt thank you to all of my clients!


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Healing Testimonial

I’m blessed with truly wonderful clients. And each of them reflects a different part of me. So their healing is also my healing… Some of the healings touch such deep places within me that I’m humbled by the teachings. And grateful. Thank you! If interested, follow the underlined link to read more testimonials on Energy […]


“Evguenia’s ability to create a comfortable and healing environment and her skills at healing have improved my life and outlook.” S. B., President, Communications Company


Grateful, happy & content ?That’s how I’m feeling when I get feedback such as this! ? So please send me more for a chance to qualify for a free 30 minute healing/sex ed session ✨?