Healing Transformation

Healing Transformation

“The magnitude of healing transformation is indescribable. After the Kundalini workshop I became better aligned with my true inner self. I felt free, like walking on a cloud, and at peace on emotional, mental and physical levels. The deep healing energy session brought in a very new and completely transformation wave into my life.” A. […]

playful, daring, seductive

Playful, Dating, Seductive Lover

“A married woman – mother of two, was morphing into a playful, daring & seductive lover only he knew.” www.AliceinPolyLand.com What are some of the predetermined roles that you play in life? And do you identify with some over the others? Are there any contradictions you feel within yourself with regards to combining these roles […]

Ready to take on the world

“Ready to take on the world and be in the present. To feel.” www.AliceInPolyLand.com What is your bliss? Read about mine in Alice in PolyLand www.tinyurl.com/y22pre2p

Alter Ego

Alter Ego

“Connect with your Alter Ego and Her Dominant personality. Feel into which three adjectives you would use to describe yourself…” www.aliceinpolyland.com Tell me, which Alter Ego of yours would you like to connect to today/tonight? Name three adjectives of who they are. Want some ideas? Support my project and get “Alice in PolyLand”: Inspirational guide […]

Opening Up

Polyamory – opening up

Polyamory – Opening up How does one open an 18 year long monogamous relationship, you ask? It’s an important question and the one we didn’t take lightly. When embarking on a journey, it’s always important to understand your intention, possible risks/potential challenges and hopes/dreams. My intention in Polyamory was to experience more love, sensuality, play […]

annoying little voice

Annoying Little voice in her head

“Free of that annoying little voice in her head that loved to remind her of her childhood fear of abandonment.” www.AliceinPolyLand.com Do you guys have this little voice inside? I’ve written at length about our Wounded Inner Children and ways of working with them Here. What is your wounded child afraid of? Is it a […]

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Let’s celebrate!!! Did you guys know that March 8th is an International Women’s Day?! Let’s celebrate all of the wonderful women in our lives – moms, sisters, daughters, friends! Let’s remember and feel the gratitude for all of the wonderful females / women-identified folks that have come before us and will come after us! Let’s […]

well written

Erotic Flair

“Well-written, succinct with a deep feeling of care and erotic flair. The text is accompanied by fine images by various talented photographers. Polished and accessible, Alice in PolyLand is a gem of a book.” Alex Dark, Toronto Fetish events producer, Black & Blue Thank you so much, Alex! The imagery is marvelous! Wonderful photographers have […]

Alice in PolyLand

Psychotherapy, Healing School and Search of Self

Psychotherapy, Healing School and Search of Self I’ve been married for 24 years. I know… almost unheard of these days, isn’t it? My husband is amazingly awesome and yet I’d find myself falling in love and in lust with others at an alarming frequency… I didn’t act on these feelings as we were monogamous, but […]

higher states of consciousness

Sexuality and Higher States of Consciousness

“Sexuality is a great gateway to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth & ultimately love.” www.aliceinpolyland.com Physical sexual connections could be fun. Emotionally close sexual connections add a lot of depth. Involving play connected to fantasies, creativity and interesting stimulating concepts add an extra layer to the connection. Imagine adding an element of spirituality, […]