sensual movies

Sensual Movies – Reader’s Tips

Some folks are really turned on by artistically filmed, sexy, sensual movies. Below is a great collection of movies that my friend Alex Dark of Black and Blue has recommended for your viewing pleasure. I am also adding a few of my favorites below. What a great idea for a sexy date or two! Please […]

Creative Use of Jealous

Creative use of Jealousy – Reader’s Tips

Jealousy affects many of us – while most of us experience it as a mild discomfort, others may be affected by strong surges of anger, fear, loss of control… Jealousy could even result in a crime of passion in some extreme situations… Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could turn jealousy around and make it […]

Spicy Fantasies

Spicy Fantasies – Reader’s Tips

Some of us have spicy fantasies that we’re unaware of, or Fantasies that we’re afraid to share with our partners for the fear of being misunderstood or rejected. Below are my wonderful blog reader’s Mora’s tips on how to liven up the energy between partners while playing out their newly found fantasies and enjoying open […]

Covert Public Play

Covert Public Play – Reader’s Tips

Today’s Hot Tip is from Tom on Edging and Covert Public Play Some folks are really turned on by covert public play. Below are Tom’s tips on how to keep the energy between partners spicy and possibly enjoy it in public places (discretion advised, please make sure you’re staying within the locally enforced laws and […]

Tantric Oils

Tantric Oils – Readers’ Tips

Hi Guys! I have an amazing community of people that write to me and often they share amazing tips with regards to various spiritual / sensual practices. I’ve wanted to pass this knowledge along and share it with you with their permission – hence this new Blog Section called “Readers’ Tips”. Today’s Hot Tip is […]