Q & A: Anal Sex Smell / Preparation

Anal Sex Preparation Q: “Hi Evguenia, I have a question about anal sex… I had it recently. I noticed a smell… What to do to not have it?” V. V. A: Hi V., thank you for your question. Here are a few tips you may find helpful on the subject: diet considerations, clean up suggestions and […]

sexy communication

Q & A: Sexy Communication

Communication Question: “Evguenia, I tend to be a bit shy when I try to communicate my fantasies and needs to my husband. How can approach this subject and not feel embarrassed or burst into laughter? E. F.” Answer: E., thank you very much for reaching out! Communicating our needs (especially sexual fantasies, turn ons and […]

sex drive differences

Q & A: Sex Drive Differences

Sex Drive Differences Q: “Dear Evguenia, I am wondering if there are ways/techniques which could help me “relax” my libido. I need sex twice a day and my wife’s drive is much lower. I feel like I’m putting too much pressure onto her”. A. S. A: Dear A, thank you for such a great question! […]

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