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Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from living your best life? Perhaps it’s emotional or intimate blocks, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, or negative beliefs. These issues can weigh us down, making it difficult to connect with ourselves and others and ultimately hindering our personal growth. But what if there was a solution that could help you overcome these obstacles and find inner peace, personal growth, and sexual health? That solution is the Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace course.

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If you’re looking for a program that offers powerful healing, personal growth, and sexual health benefits, Energy Orgasms Course is the perfect solution for you. This comprehensive program includes a wide range of theoretical knowledge and experiential practices that can aid in achieving transformative results.

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Announcement: Masters of Counseling Psychology

I have an announcement to make! This September I began studying for my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at Yorkville University. I’m very excited, a bit nervous and quite overwhelmed with the change in my routine 🙂 All of the new readings, homework assignments as well as online discussions, oh my!

Play Book Of Ideas

Sexy Play Date Ideas Booklet

Sexy Play Date Ideas Booklet

This 9-page booklet combines spicy, sexy and loving play ideas on how to enhance your current and future relationships as well as bring even more desire and passion into your life.

Vitamin Water XXX (Coca Cola) Sensuality Brand Ambassador

I had a blast representing Vitamin Water XXX (Coca Cola) in New York City this past weekend! Tapping into vitaminwater’s new campaign – “nourish every you” – vitaminwater’s mercury in retrograde shelter featured six different interactive experiences paired with correlating flavors to provide attendees with nourishment for every “you”. Xxx zero room I represented and […]