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Webinar: Valentines Day Spice + Love Ideas – February 9

Valentines Day Spice + Love Ideas Webinar – February 9th, 11.00am

Are you looking for a few fun ways to spice up or deepen your relationship? Would you like to learn a variety of ways in which you can pleasure, surprise, entice your partner or communicate your desires to them? Join me for this 1.5h webinar (live or recorded) and open your mind as to what is possible in the vast web of human pleasure experiences.

Holiday Giveaway

Complimentary Alice in PolyLand Book pdf

Holiday Celebration continues – Complimentary erotic Alice in PolyLand book pdf today only. Hi Lovely! Have you ever felt restricted or repressed in fully expressing who you are deep down inside at your very core? Perhaps, you’ve come from a conservative background where any expression of sexuality has been forbidden. Maybe, you’ve been in a […]

BDSM – Intro

BDSM I know many of you are curious to learn more about kink / BDSM. There are so many misunderstandings and myths that surround these terms. Fears. Judgments. Fantasies. Shame. In the next two weeks, I’d like to shine some light onto this sexy shadow piece that may be part of many of our fantasies […]

Connection: Partner – Communications

Non-Violent Communications

It’s so interesting that the same occurrence could be seen from so many different perspectives. Each of us lives in our own universe and communication is the key to letting others know what we think and feel inside our own bubbles.

I love Non-violent communications method (by Marshall B. Rosenberg) as it allows for the most objective way of handling disagreements. It also insures that people hear each other out and exchange ideas, feelings and state what they need in a non defensive way.

Connection: Partner – Love Languages

Love Languages At times, while arguing with our loved ones it may seem that we’re speaking completely different languages… According to a marriage counsellor Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages people usually speak. These are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Knowing your main love language […]

Connection: Partner – Senses practice

5 Senses : Practice So remember yesterday’s post on senses – have you figured out your most favourite ones? Now it’s time to put the theory into practice… TIP: Separate giving and receiving and go through experiencing each other one sense at a time… As a long and sensual foreplay. Dance, strip, blind fold and […]

Connection: Partner – Senses

5 Senses I love being playful… Do you? Spicy relationships are hugely connected to a sense of novelty… Surprises. Play. Speaking of play – do you know what your primary sense is? How about your partner’s? TIP: Try contemplating on your sensual preferences, they may enhance your connection with a loved one. What comes to […]

Connection: Partner – Atmosphere

Atmosphere Hey guys! Today I wanted to focus a bit on the atmosphere while connecting with a loved one or a partner. Overall set up of the space around us plays a huge role in cultivating a loving connection… TIP: Think what kind of mood you’d like to achieve while connecting with your partner. Then go […]

Spirit Sex Lab Newsletter – Through the Looking Glass

Spirit Sex Lab newsletter – Through the Looking Glass Are you part of Spirit Sex Lab family? Just sent out all of the juicy details about the August 17th Sensual Fantasy Play Party! P. S. Just yesterday I was banned from FB for a day for posting a sensual shot… Imagine my account would get […]