Connection: Partner, Sexuality

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Opening Sexual Chakra Some of us are affected by various sexual blocks that may include various negative emotions towards sexuality (shame, guilt, judgements). The limiting thought patterns and negative emotions create blockages in our energy fields that eventually permeate the lower vibrating fields of our system and present themselves as physical diseases connected to our […]

Shibari – Erotica

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Shibari Is there a better definition of being helpless and at someone else’s mercy than being tied up using Japanese bondage art called Shibari? Feminine curves, accentuated by beautiful geometric rope patterns – Alice is imprisoned and unable to move. Her hands behind the back, soles of the feet tied together – thighs apart – […]

Sensual Tantric Energy Play Workshop

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Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto (S.E.C) is hosting the following event that I will lead: Join us on Friday afternoon to learn about Tantric energy play, touch-free! At this workshop, we’ll… – Learn about energy field/chakras and their meaning with the focus on sexuality – Become aware of our own and others’ […]

Human Sex Toy – Erotica

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He’s waiting in a booth at a bar. Dressed as ordered – business suit, no underwear. Alice’s very own Human Sex Toy! Charismatic, charming, creative and kinky alpha man with salt and pepper hair and a sexy Parisian accent… Alice walks in – shoulder length curled hair, red and black lacy short dress showing off […]