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Meditation Along with energetic exercises I teach the clients that want to sense better into the energy around them, meditation is probably one of the best methods to start sensing into higher vibrations. Please see my blog under SpiritSexLab_meditation tag to learn more about various types of meditations. Any daily meditative practice (even 10-15 minutes […]


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My fascination with energetic orgasms comes from the fact that two of the areas I’m most passionate about and which I’ve studied for years (energy healing and sexuality) come together as one! How cool is that!? Quantum field theory explains that our universe is comprised of many infinitely-large vibrational fields that affect each other’s frequencies. […]

Orgasm versus Ejaculation

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Orgasm versus Ejaculation There’s a misconception that orgasm and ejaculation for male-bodied partners are the same. On the contrary, orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events comprised of an ecstatic explosive experience (orgasm) and a semen ejaculation. The separation can be mastered with time and practice for males to achieve multi-orgasmic experiences while only choosing […]