sex drive differences

Q & A: Sex Drive Differences

Sex Drive Differences Q: “Dear Evguenia, I am wondering if there are ways/techniques which could help me “relax” my libido. I need sex twice a day and my wife’s drive is much lower. I feel like I’m putting too much pressure onto her”. A. S. A: Dear A, thank you for such a great question! […]


Help opening up and addressing the real person

“I am skeptic turned believer. It’s not rocket science, but it takes the right kind of person to help you open up and address the real you. Whatever struggles you face in real life, I highly recommend giving Evguenia a chance to get to know you. She’s a kind soul with a good heart, and […]

sex education workshops

Relationship Spice, Sex Club Tour + Group Sex Presentation – Aftermath

11:11 was a busy day for me… I had three sexy and delicious events running back to back! It was an amazing experience! From teaching “How to Spice up Long Term Relationships” at a beautiful and inviting @goodforher store for a great open-minded crowd to leading a private tour and a Group Sex workshop at […]

I see my parents

I see my parents

“I see my parents as tiny children that need love.” Louise Hay This affirmation is focusing on healing parent’child relationships… Could also work for any other type of relationships. We all have wounded children in us that at times get triggered… It’s helpful to understand this in the reactions of others as well as our […]

sex ed video promo

Sex Education and Healing Promo Video

I am happy to present my video promo with excerpts of Public Speaking and other videos on subjects of Polyamory, Energy orgasms, BDSM, Personal growth and Soulful Passion. I’m available for private parties, corporate events or smaller intimate workshop settings. Please see the range of Services I offer Here.

Huge Change

“It was like a light switch turned on. I didn’t turn into a sappy mess in my profession, but I did start pouring good energy and strong focus into my personal life. After being so open and honest, I felt like I could finally see a path to what I wanted. This was a huge […]

my income is constantly increasing.

My income is constantly increasing

“My income is constantly increasing.” Louise Hay This is a great affirmation to get to the next step of our prosperity journey… Give it a try!

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Anonymous Question Offer Do you have a question about Energy, Sexuality, Relationships, BDSM, Tantra or Play? Please email me (with a Subject Field “Anonymous Question”) and I will answer it anonymously via this blog. xoxo

Video on Self Confidence

Self Confidence

How does one become self-confident? Are you born with it? Does it come with conventionally beautiful appearance, partner’s reflections, career advancements? For me – it was an in depth look at who I am. Self acceptance and self love.