Inner Peace, Flying Birds Emotional Balance Technique

The following description suggests to approach this technique at home, I often like practicing it during a forest walk while having a conversation with myself out loud (apologies to innocent bystanders that might be wondering why I’m talking to myself :)). Here’s how you would do it, please try and let me know if it was useful.

Sexual Energy Blocks Release

How does one release sexual shame/blocks? This is one of the most common questions I get. It is very much possible to work through our internalized blockages and deeper align with our authentic expression!

Sexual Energy Awareness

Today we’re going to focus on exploring our sexual energy! Did you know that your sexual energy is also your creative and life energy? It is a powerful and highly misunderstood force. Sexual energy is probably the most judged energy as well – culturally, and socially. Is that because it holds so much power?

Taboo Show – Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the three days of the Taboo Show in Toronto! I had a blast teaching Energy Orgasms and Relationship Spice! It was so amazing to see my friends, and clients and make exciting new connections!

Taboo Show: Starting tomorrow!

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 1 day until Taboo begins, and I can’t wait to see you at the Taboo show in Toronto (Everything about sex show) October 14-16.

Taboo Show: Evguenia’s Workshops

It’s the final countdown… T-Minus 2 days until Taboo begins, and I can’t wait to see you at the Taboo show in Toronto (Everything about sex show) October 14-16.

Taboo Show, Free Tickets Winners’ Announcement

FREE TICKET Winners Announcement!

Thank you to those of you who participated in my ticket draw! And thank you so much to everyone for your support in sharing my Taboo Workshops with your friends, I really appreciate your help!

Taboo Show: Relationship Spice Workshop – October 14 – 16

Would you like to explore new fantasies, deepen your intimacy and connection with yourself and your partner?

Join my Relationship Spice workshop at which I’ll give you 10 tips on how to achieve just that! (no matter your age, background, sexual identity, orientation).

Taboo Show: Touch Free Energy Orgasms Workshop – October 14 – 16

Join my Touch Free Energy orgasm workshop and learn to activate your sexuality and take your confidence, pleasure and dating to the next level

As featured on Love, Sex and Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow, Energetic orgasm brings is healing, ecstatic, magical and multidimensional