Connective Rope – Erotica

Connective Rope Alice was standing in front of a full length mirror, dressed in tight snake print leggings and dark sports top. […]

Workshop: Connective & Bedroom Rope

Hi everyone,  My love affair with rope started a few years back. “Connective state of oneness, bliss, surrender of control”, are some […]

Tales of Scheherazade – Erotica

Tales of Scheherazade Much as your eyes are scanning this page right now, dear reader, so were Alice’s. Reading the stories out […]

Connection: Partner – Intention

*I’ve had a blast leading two workshops over past two days – Sensual Tantric Play workshop turned out very well. We’ve explored […]

Connection: Partner, Cocoon

Energetic Cocoon Do you want to feel held, completely accepted and loved? Would you like to take your connection with your partner […]

Connection: Partner, Sexuality

Opening Sexual Chakra Some of us are affected by various sexual blocks that may include various negative emotions towards sexuality (shame, guilt, […]

Shibari – Erotica

Shibari Is there a better definition of being helpless and at someone else’s mercy than being tied up using Japanese bondage art […]