Patterns… Don’t we all have them? The more we develop a witnessing aspect of ourselves that lets us see our personality from a side – the more we start noticing interesting things about ourselves… All of a sudden authority issues surface… “That pharmacist’s assistant – who is she to tell me which supplement I need […]

Loving Inner Child

Loving the Inner Child Hey guys! Happy to come back after a few days’ break I took after hearing some health-related news that I wasn’t thrilled about… Since then, I have been focusing more on going inward, keeping my high intensity exercise routine regardless of feeling a bit down, switching to even healthier food diet (trying […]

Client Review

A lovely client review from a recent healing session: “I’ve only just begun my energy healing sessions, but I have already been able to experience its powerful effect on the body and mind. I look forward to learning meditation techniques as well as exploring other methods of relaxation, self-expression and self-realization. Thank you Evguenia for […]

Identifying the Wounded Child

Getting to know the Wounded Child So continuing with our story on wounded children… If we all have them – how do we spot them. And once we identify the little ones – how do we heal? Spotting internal wounds is easiest when you become well-trained in witnessing yourself from a side. Creating so to […]

If you are a parent…

“If you are a parent, open doors to unknown directions to the child so he can explore. Don’t make him afraid of the unknown, give him support. ” ― Osho

Client Review

“I am fortunate to have our paths cross… I had no idea energy healing was so “real”. I have learnt more about myself from the handful of sessions than I would have otherwise. You are passionate and sincere with others… in this busy world I am grateful to you for slowing me down… helping me to focus a little upon […]

Finding Wounded Child

Wounded Children and Patterns Remember the post about wounded children? Today I will tell you about the best way to spot a wounded child within you. What we’re looking for is a part of our energy consciousness that has not fully grown up. The part of us that is still that same age when it […]

Wounded Children

Wounded Children I had mentioned a term “wounded child” in a few of my posts so far… So who are these wounded children, where do they come from and reside? I’ve met two of my most outspoken ones a while back. One of them was a little girl, around 7 years old. She’s come up […]

Astral Healing Story

Astral Healing Story A beautiful woman he her late thirties came to the session and we spoke of her childhood, how uncomfortable she felt in her own skin growing up. She mentioned that under the veneer of an established, confident and outspoken business woman, she’s still hiding insecurities that link back to her earlier experiences […]

Energy Play Workshop

Come one – come all! Our Energy Play workshop is back by popular demand. Connect with the Magic of energy healing and meditation, focus on relaxation and feel into the worlds that you thought never existed… Enjoy our cozy meditation circle: – Learn to meditate and relax – Sense into your energy centers and learn […]