Energy healing

Energy Healing As most of you know, I am an Energy Therapy Practitioner with vivid interest in human sexuality who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on healing program. I love helping others live happy and essence-filled lives… To give you a bit a preview into the magical world of Energy, please stay with me as […]

Falling in Love…

“Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love ― now you are love.” ― Osho


5. Cat Meditation {Catitation}   Hehe… Ever since I got a cat, I realized that a Cat Meditation might actually be one of the best mindfulness exercises I’ve come to know lol Take a purring cat Put a meditative music on Brush or pet your cat rhythmically while enjoying Nirvana Actually, pretty much any activity of your […]

Guided Meditation

4. Guided or creative meditation The type of meditation that I find works best with the beginners and the type I love practicing the most is the creative guided meditation. “What you think you become” says Buddah – this type of meditation can be used for personal development, receiving guidance and overall stress relief and […]


3: Mindfulness This third type of meditation is a combination of concentrative and open awareness technique. Usually the point of focus is one’s breath, thoughts, feelings yet the practice is not centered around only going in, but also an outward awareness. This multidimensional meditative technique focuses on practicing a witnessing aspect of ourselves. That part […]

Open Awareness

2: Open Awareness This second type of meditation focuses around an outward awareness. When practicing it, one is being present and aware of everything that happens around him/her. The sounds of ocean, vastness of the blue sky, healing powers of a forest, a warm summer breeze… Being present and accepting of whatever arises is the […]

Unicorn Night Workshop

I’m happy to invite you all to my next workshop at Oasis Aqualounge. On May 13th, At 10:30pm, I return to demonstrate how to connect more intimately with your partner and/or your newfound playmate. Join us in the Ballroom to explore sexual energy fields: Sense into and play with your sexual energy and that of others […]

Concentrative Meditation

Types of Meditation 1: Concentrative Meditation Technique Quite often our mind tends to wonder and scatter. Thousands of thoughts run around our heads just like a bunch of crazy monkeys. One of the ways a meditation can be used to calm the mind is to focus the awareness and concentrate on that single point of […]

Meditation Guide

Have you always wanted to meditate but are not sure where to begin? The following information is going to be helpful to you. I will go over various benefits of meditating, types of meditations and will share a few personal experiences with you. Benefits Most meditative techniques practiced today aim at achieving higher states of […]


“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.” ― Osho