Shibari – Erotica

Shibari Is there a better definition of being helpless and at someone else’s mercy than being tied up using Japanese bondage art called Shibari? Feminine curves, accentuated by beautiful geometric rope patterns – Alice is imprisoned and unable to move. Her hands behind the back, soles of the feet tied together – thighs apart – […]

Life Force

I’m happy to share that my guest post on “Life Force” was graciously featured in a wonderful C.P. McClennan’s erotica blog. Enjoy!

Connection: Partner, Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra Chest pain or tightness is something you may feel after a heart brake… Separation, letting go or people we love or unresolved arguments may lead to a heart center starting to close ff. Blocks may start developing depending on how you deal with the feelings of sadness and despair. Negative emotions eventually start […]

Love or Spice? Valentine’s Day Offer

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I’m happy to offer an extra 14 minutes free energy boost for each session purchased/booked before February 14th as a gift from me to you! Choose between: ~ Free Extra 14 minutes of energy of love and inclusion that makes us feel warm, welcome and cozy or ~ Free […]

Sensual Tantric Energy Play Workshop

Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto (S.E.C) is hosting the following event that I will lead: Join us on Friday afternoon to learn about Tantric energy play, touch-free! At this workshop, we’ll… – Learn about energy field/chakras and their meaning with the focus on sexuality – Become aware of our own and others’ […]

Human Sex Toy – Erotica

He’s waiting in a booth at a bar. Dressed as ordered – business suit, no underwear. Alice’s very own Human Sex Toy! Charismatic, charming, creative and kinky alpha man with salt and pepper hair and a sexy Parisian accent… Alice walks in – shoulder length curled hair, red and black lacy short dress showing off […]