Workshop: Connective & Bedroom Rope

Hi everyone,  My love affair with rope started a few years back. “Connective state of oneness, bliss, surrender of control”, are some of the ways I could describe the way the rope feels to me. Will be sharing erotic stories on this topic very soon. So happy to introduce a workshop I’ll be hosting in […]

Tales of Scheherazade – Erotica

Tales of Scheherazade Much as your eyes are scanning this page right now, dear reader, so were Alice’s. Reading the stories out loud, one by one. Perhaps, with the only difference – she couldn’t move her hands as they were tied behind her back. And, one more little detail – a small, slick remotely controlled […]

Connection: Partner – Intention

*I’ve had a blast leading two workshops over past two days – Sensual Tantric Play workshop turned out very well. We’ve explored chakras, energy fields and kundalini energy as well well learned about Tantric love making. The second workshop was a lovely, cozy Women’s circle I led at my home studio – we dropped into […]

Sensual Tantric Energy Play Workshop – TODAY

Today is the Day! Excited about teaching my own sensual blend of energy play and tantra. We will be learning about a mystical world of chakras, auras and kundalini. Diving into experiencing our own energy and that of the other! Please wish me luck 🙂 And I’ll let you know how it goes!

Connection: Partner – Soul Connection

Soul Connection Do you want to feel an out of this world connection? Through time and space? It is possible, all you need is practice, determination and a bit of magic… Some people believe that we come to Earth to connect with other souls, to learn about ourselves and grow. We come to remember our […]

Connection: Partner, Cocoon

Energetic Cocoon Do you want to feel held, completely accepted and loved? Would you like to take your connection with your partner to a whole new level? Then the following energetic exercise is for you. TIP: Laying down facing each other sharing a warm embrace, or even sitting in front of your partner cross legged […]

Connection: Partner, Sexuality

Opening Sexual Chakra Some of us are affected by various sexual blocks that may include various negative emotions towards sexuality (shame, guilt, judgements). The limiting thought patterns and negative emotions create blockages in our energy fields that eventually permeate the lower vibrating fields of our system and present themselves as physical diseases connected to our […]

Shibari – Erotica

Shibari Is there a better definition of being helpless and at someone else’s mercy than being tied up using Japanese bondage art called Shibari? Feminine curves, accentuated by beautiful geometric rope patterns – Alice is imprisoned and unable to move. Her hands behind the back, soles of the feet tied together – thighs apart – […]

Life Force

I’m happy to share that my guest post on “Life Force” was graciously featured in a wonderful C.P. McClennan’s erotica blog. Enjoy!

Connection: Partner, Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra Chest pain or tightness is something you may feel after a heart brake… Separation, letting go or people we love or unresolved arguments may lead to a heart center starting to close ff. Blocks may start developing depending on how you deal with the feelings of sadness and despair. Negative emotions eventually start […]