Energetic Orgasm Story

Energetic Orgasm Story I often get asked what do energetic orgasms feel like and how do you achieve one? My very first energetic orgasm was an ecstatic experience to say the least… Want to know how it went? Here’s a little glimpse into this story: “… All of a sudden, her body started moving of […]

Poly Workshop

Polyamory Workshop Are you new to the idea of polyamory? Curious to explore different types of open relationships? Interested in communicating your needs and desires to your current partner but aren’t sure where to start? Tonight we will discover the variations within open relationships with presenter Evguenia. Visit the Oasis Ballroom at 9pm and learn […]

Private Sex Club Tour and Show

Guided Sex Club Tour Have you always wanted to see what happens behind the closed doors of adult playground clubs but were to chicken to try ;)? I have a perfect solution for you then – please join me for the night of guided exploration: • Mystery place visit (sex club) • I will guide […]

Secret Garden

“Everyone should cultivate a secret garden.” ― Esther Perel

Imago Theory

Imago Theory Often times clients that come to me complain of being attracted to the “wrong people”. They understand a person may not be the best choice for them, and yet something inside of them is propelling them towards him/her. According to Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt Imago relationship theory – most of us […]


“Eroticism thrives in the space between the self and the other.” ― Esther Perel


Patterns… Don’t we all have them? The more we develop a witnessing aspect of ourselves that lets us see our personality from a side – the more we start noticing interesting things about ourselves… All of a sudden authority issues surface… “That pharmacist’s assistant – who is she to tell me which supplement I need […]

Loving Inner Child

Loving the Inner Child Hey guys! Happy to come back after a few days’ break I took after hearing some health-related news that I wasn’t thrilled about… Since then, I have been focusing more on going inward, keeping my high intensity exercise routine regardless of feeling a bit down, switching to even healthier food diet (trying […]

Client Review

A lovely client review from a recent healing session: “I’ve only just begun my energy healing sessions, but I have already been able to experience its powerful effect on the body and mind. I look forward to learning meditation techniques as well as exploring other methods of relaxation, self-expression and self-realization. Thank you Evguenia for […]

Identifying the Wounded Child

Getting to know the Wounded Child So continuing with our story on wounded children… If we all have them – how do we spot them. And once we identify the little ones – how do we heal? Spotting internal wounds is easiest when you become well-trained in witnessing yourself from a side. Creating so to […]