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10 Steps to becoming multiorgasmic without ejaculation

Whether you’d like to feel more in control of your sexual energy, extend sensual experiences, enjoy multiple orgasms, get in touch with spiritually sexy energy flow or practice semen retention, energy orgasms is an incredible phenomenon that ecstatically affects us multidimensionally: body, mind, heart and soul.

Energetic orgasm could be combined with the actual genital orgasm / ejaculation or may just be a standalone experience.
The idea behind this ecstatic sensation is the movement of Kundalini energy (often depicted as a coiled snake which resides at the base of one’s spine) towards the higher-vibrating energy centers up through the vertical power current.

The experience that an energetic orgasm brings is healing, ecstatic and is multidimensional. It’s an ultimate explosion of body, mind, heart and soul. These orgasms can be practiced alone as well as in couples to achieve deeper states of connection and bliss.
I certainly can attest to how powerfully unifying, ecstatic and pleasure-filled these orgasms have been for me: full body multiple waves of pleasure-filled energy running through my field, connecting me deeply to myself, partner and the universe.

Here are the first 10 steps you may want to take on your journey towards experiencing multiple energy-based orgasms:

• Sense into your body (Becoming sensitive and learning to experience energy and tune into higher vibrations allows us to experience EO faster)
• Become aware of and clear blockages (We accumulate various blockages throughout our life, it’s important to identify and clear them)
• Boost your intuition and clairvoyance (Practice aimed at becoming more sensitive allows one to hear their inner wisdom and open to new experiences)
• Breathe deeply into your core (Varying breath is a wonderful technique that allows us to achieve various states of being)
• Allow the sounds to flow (Expression of energy of any kind brings you one step closer to surrender)
• Move and rock your body (Movement, going with the flow, allowing the energy to pass)
• Work PC muscles (Internal sexual pump)
• Focus on all 6 senses (Being in the now, dropping into the sensual space)

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