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Energy Orgasm: Meet Sarah

Energy Orgasm Sarah

Meet my wonderful Energy Orgasm client Sarah, she’s a successful creative professional from US. She came out to my Energy Orgasm Webinar and took part on an Energy Orgasm session that you can see below. She squirted multiple times during a recent Long Distance Energy Orgasm video.

Please see the original EO video followed but her Testimonial as well as a few quotes about the experience. Enjoy!

Here are a few quotes from Sarah on her experience during our Sessions:

“It was like bliss, I felt beautiful, I felt sexual, I felt sexy, I felt in ecstasy! I was on cloud nine!”

“And, at times, the energy made me feel like I’m love! “And come back here, and I’m just like: Oh my Goodness I’m so horny!”

“And I don’t know how many times I squirted but I’m really wet right now! It’s soaking here!”

“I’m in tears! Because it was very powerful!”

“Ah, my goodness! I had a plug, it was plugging in and plugging off, then plug in and then SCHHHHHH! Like electricity… And sometimes I could feel it like 100 people stroking my whole body!”

“And sometimes it’s like millions of feathers & drops of water showering me! And I was shedding tears because it was very intense! It was like when you’re really that happy… and you don’t know what to do with your body! It was an immense pleasure!”

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