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Squirting G Spot Orgasms

Sexual Guidance: Squirting
Squirting  G spot orgasms

I remember one day; I became very curious about wanting to experience Squirting and G Spots orgasms… As usual – when I have the goal to achieve I try to focus on it as much as I can 😉 I set the intention to learn everything I could on the subject and, of course, practice!

Understanding anatomy and physiology is quite important when it comes to locating the magical G Spot. Then came workshops, books, video research and later – lots of toys/play sessions. I kept working at it and one day – achieved an amazing, exploding full body G-spot orgasm with ejaculation. I never looked back since! Though, I now joke that I never can have a play session without a towel lol. We live in duality after all and there are pluses and minuses to all wonderful achievements.

What have I learned about Squirting and G Spots orgasms?

  • Proper preparation and foreplay are extremely important to achieving G-spot orgasms
  • There are amazing techniques one can learn on pleasuring herself/teaching their partner to help them achieve the orgasm digitally, with the use of toys and penetration
  • G spot stimulation could also be explored in conjunction with Tantric Yoni massage techniques as well as BDSM Play options for mind-blowing, tantalizing experiences that never get boring

I have been compiling various fingering/penetration techniques and videos that produced the best results ever since – would you like to learn some of these and bring an amazing pleasure to your partner or yourself?

Please Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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