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Would you like to deepen your connection with yourself and others, overcome your emotional, sexual and spiritual blockages; and experience profound, multidimensional pleasure of body, mind, heart and soul union? Then I’m so happy to teach and fascilitate this incredible Energy Orgasm experience for you! Join my next FREE Energy Orgasm webinar

endless waves of pleasure

I have been interested in the Energy Orgasm phenomenon for quite a few years. After all two of my most favourite topics of exploration in life are Spirituality and Sexuality! So Energy Orgasm to me is just like reaching the very top of mount Everest for a rock climber lol
I have done a ton of research, read and saw everything there was to find with regards to information resources that were available on the net and in books (pretty scarce I may add). I also spoke to people who have practiced achieving the orgasms and set the intention to experience this magical phenomenon one day.
A few years back I was very lucky to have finally achieved this coveted experience and my world has never been the same. It was better than I ever thought possible. If felt like the highest high of a meditative trance; along with a full body orgasm bathing in endless waves of pleasure. What a magical experience to have… Ultimate union with the universe… Total oneness… Ever since then I’ve been wanting to share the knowledge with others as I truly believe spiritual sexuality is our birth right.
I have written about my experience, the phenomenon and a few ways to achieve it in the Article kindly published by Sex with Dr. Jess. The profound connection that is felt with the universe and oneself during Energetic Orgasms cannot be simply described by words… However, it could be felt!
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profound touch free pleasure

Each of us is capable of having multidimensional deep orgasmic experiences (body, mind, heart and soul). All of us can experience multiple ecstatic waves of pleasure (yes, males too!) Everyone can feel their cells bursting with sensuality, pleasure, joy and ecstasy.
Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery Course. Our work includes:
  • Energetic field and centers overview
  • Experiential energy sensing
  • Uncovering energetic, emotional and mental blocks
  • Removing and releasing emotional, spiritual and sexual stagnation
  • Strengthening the sexual force within
  • Tips on partnered pleasure play
  • Homework, handouts, resources
Would you like to learn to experience this ecstatic bliss? Contact me for your free call today.
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available long distance

Sometimes it is not practical or even possible to receive a session in person. Evguenia is happy to work with you long-distance in the convenience of your own home.
Based on the quantum physics concept of “entanglement”, the energy frequency that the healer holds can reach the client. This, in turn, creates a state of healing through a focused and intentional connection.
Energy healing works by the means of vibrational frequency, focused contact and intention. Distance healing works exactly the same way as in-person one. The exception is that there’s no physical contact between the client and the healer
Long Distance energy orgasms are every bit as powerful as the in person ones. I work with clients from all over the world – right out of the comfort of their own homes. Please reach out to connect.
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professional certification

Are you a coach, a guide or a therapist and would like to add the energy orgasm facilitation and healing skills to your toolbox? I offer Spirit Sex Lab Energy Orgasm practitioner certification program – a 5 month immersive course structured on the healing / energy work foundation with a body of work involving sexual force incorporation. The comprehensive program includes:
  • Healing fundamentals
  • Increasing intuitive and high sense perception
  • Personal work
  • Foundational healing principles
  • Emotional blockage removal
  • Energy orgasm fundamentals
  • Facilitation, tips and tricks
  • Supervision and advanced sexual healing techniques
Please reach out to learn more about the program today.
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Meet my wonderful client Bob, a successful business professional and a wonderful artist from Wisconsin

I am at a loss still for words

Read about Bob’s experience: “I am at a loss still for words. This energy, these feelings, this experience, I never dreamt I could get there. Oh oh oh oh I am going to have to take some time to let it all settle in as I just can’t describe it. OMG do I love you and what you are doing for me!” Read more on Bob’s experience
Energy Orgasm Sarah
Meet my incredible Energy Orgasm client Sarah, she’s a successful creative professional from US.

It was like bliss…

Learn more about Sarah’s sessions: “It was like bliss, I felt beautiful, I felt sexual, I felt sexy, I felt in ecstasy! I was on cloud nine!”  “And I don’t know how many times I squirted but I’m really wet right now! It’s soaking here!” “I’m in tears! Because it was very powerful!” Read more on Sarah’s Experience

What they say about me

“Wow… you are really finding a way into the fabric of my being… I lose myself and come out in a place I’ve never been. Always better, always inviting, always filled with a rush of emotions, always wanting more…

Thank you. I’m so grateful for you and that I found you!”

R. R. Senior Manager, Global I. T. Company

“The meditation and techniques are very powerful, it really helped me discover my dormant feels and sensations in a new perspective.”

S. P. Entrepreneur

“You have great attention to detail and a drive for service. You also appear to like to play and want to invite everyone to do more of that so they can enjoy themselves and their lives more. I can tell it’s not your starting point in life, but more of an evolved position, likely due to much work on yourself.”

D. N. Life Coach

“I have an enormous amount of love and respect and gratitude for you, and for how you are in this world; how you live, the way you are, your choices, your consciousness, your intentions, your presence, your kindness, your goodness, your strength and clarity and integrity and power and honesty and compassion and empathy and bravery. I’m deeply grateful to have they opportunity to be working with you in this healing and transforming process, to be benefiting from your example and vibration and awareness and insight and support and experience. Thank you.”

C. C. I. T. Manager

“Thank you SO much. WOW! I cannot describe what that session did for me. It was very intense.

I do not often break down and cry like that but I know I haven’t fully faced or dealt with the sexual trauma of my past and today felt like a really healthy purge of getting it out. Thank you so much for guiding me through this, by the end I felt absolutely amazing. I fell asleep for a bit after you left the call. It was truly heaven for me by the time we got to the end. I could feel my whole body was light as a feather and just felt like I had this big white light around me.”

S. R. Social Media Company Owner

“I am not sure if it’s the healing itself or Evguenia’s amazing personality. Ability to understand, being very approachable, kind, soft and strong at the same time, the femininity she glows with… The force she encourages with. But it was a conversation that brought me to rethink, reevaluate, reconsider things. Evguenia made me think about myself!
Definitely would like to talk to her again.”

Y. S. IT Specialist

“I immediately felt at ease, Evguenia’s approach is very comforting and she went to great lengths to explain what I should expect during the session.

I decided to see what Evguenia could do to get me back into alignment. I have been having trouble with knee pain and it seemed to subside. An hour passed so beautifully.

My over all impression was that it helped me. I felt stronger and more focused but lighter at the same time. I have returned a few times to work on my knee pain as this is something that will take time to heal. Evguenias ability to create a comfortable and healing environment and her skills at healing have improved my life and outlook.”

S. B. President, Communications Company

“Evguenia is nothing short of a miracle worker! I was having some male “performance” issues, so I started looking everywhere for help.

After just a couple sessions, things completely turned around for me. Evguenia really has a way of connecting with people, and it absolutely resonated with me. She helped me open up and be honest about what I was feeling – something that most people can’t do.

Whatever struggles you face in real life, I highly recommend giving Evguenia a chance to get to know you. She’s a kind soul with a good heart, and she will be able to connect with you in a way you didn’t even consider being possible.”

R. H. Pilot

“I did not know what to expect from an energy healing session but after my very first experience with Evguenia I cannot wait for the next one.

It is an indescribable feeling of wellness – subtle but strong at the same time. It is beautiful. Everyone should try it.”

N. P. President, M&A Advisory
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