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2 Week Relationship Marathon

Relationship Marathon

Relationship Spice Marathon

Woo-hoo! I’m so happy to start a 2-week marathon on relationships and share great tips and tricks with you! I’ve been exploring long term relationships for as long as I can remember! My marriage lasting 24 years and still going!! 18 – monogamous and 6+ Polyamorous 😉 It has been a wild ride!

Furthermore, following my 4 years of professional energy therapy training and almost 10 of practicing it with the focus on sensual energy aspect, I see us as sources of incredible vibrational frequencies! And therefore relationships – wild interesting variations of energy exchange.

Over the years I’ve written a lot on the topic and have compiled a great selection of blog posts for you!

Many of these tips are also covered in more detail in my Relationship Spice Webinar (that’s coming up on October 27th With some spicier stories and practices explained and showcased during the Adult Club Tour on November 2 (

Please stay tuned for educational, personal, sexy and fun posts and stories. Feel free to share and tag your friends 😉

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