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Ignite Sexual Fire

Ignite the sexual fire

“Alice in PolyLand introduces a playful mix of characters, erotica, and practical tips which serve to spark the imagination, and ignite the sexual fire in ways that some of us have never experienced.” Allan Daggett

Sexuality is such a vast playground – what a wonderful array of tools, ideas and ways to connect we have:

  • Physical stimulation outside of the usual POV (penis in vagina), sensation play – from taking senses away to increasing the stimulation of others
  • Talking through fantasies, ideas that spark imagination, deepen desire and stimulate the arousal (dirty talk, long tease / denial)
  • Including elements of loving connection, emotional closeness, vulnerability
  • Sparkling in spiritual / energy-based practices

Use all elements for truly staggering, profound, out of this world multidimensional connections. Did I miss anything? Please comment below with your ideas to ignite the fire even stronger!

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